Friday, 7 October 2016

Nivea Blackberry Shine Caring Lip Balm Review and Swatches:

It has been a very long time that I have updated with any post, anywho, Winter is coming; finally the Game of Thrones profecy is taking form. I am a bit of lip balm freak, I like to collect and try as many lip balm as possible! So, here a new lip balm that has been launched by NIVEA which I will be reviewing today.

Variant: Blackberry Shine

Price & Quantity: Rs. 185 for 4.8g.


Product Description: Pamper your lips with Nivea Blackberry Shine Caring Lip Balm. Experience long-lasting moisturisation combined with delightful Blackberry Aroma and chosen pigments that leave a touch of colour on your lips.

Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

My Experience with Nivea Blackberry Shine Caring Lip Balm:

Till now, I have given myself the privilege of experiencing many lip balms that are available in the market and you can purchase it over the counter in drugstores. I have tried many flavors, but this Blackberry was a foreign subject for me. I have came across blueberry or strawberry or even raspberries previously, in the field of lip balms.

Now, to be honest, when I opened the lip balm for the first time, it filled my senses with beautiful fruity scent of the blackberries. The smell is a combination of tangy and sweet flavor, although you cannot taste anything if you are  wondering! The texture of the lip balm is quite sticky, but not in a bad way though, it helps the product to linger longer.

I have used around 7-8 other variants of the NIVEA Caring Lip balm range, and I believe the brand name does not need any kind of special introduction. The bullet might show particles of glitter, however, once applied, it does not display any of that kind. It is glistening and very well works as lip gloss, too. The best part, other than the no-show of glittery particles, is that it is beautifully tinted. Now, as I have pigmented or uneven toned lips, it helps in covering the lips and reflects a very light plum shade on my lips, it actually in reality has better tint which for some kind of unknown reason (lighting), is not reflecting on the photos. So, you can expect a medium coverage on the lips if you are concerned about uneven toned lips.

The staying power is decent, I would say and that does not include eating or drinking Coffee. The maximum staying limit will be around 5 hours, which in my opinion is pretty good for this price range and the brand quality taken in consideration. It actually helps in keeping the lips moisture and nourished, if you are consistent in applying the lip balm after certain span. It heals the chapped lips over the period of time and after applying it religiously for few days, it helped in improving the uneven tone of my lips. I honestly do not know if that was meant to be, it is quite a great help for me.

The Good Points:

  • Nourishing, and moisturising.
  • Beautifully tinted for uneven toned lips.
  • Staying power is pretty decent.
  • Easily available.
  • Reliable and quality brand.
  • One bullet will survive at least 20-25 days of continuous usage.

The Not so Good Points:
I did not find any faults in this lip balm, till now!

Rating: 4.5/5.

Recommendation: I would surely recommend this product especially for the coming winter season, the texture of this lip balm helps the product to stay on the lips put for a long time. The tint helps cover up the pigments, that is quite a winner for me as lip balm with the price tag.


  1. I am a junkie for lip balms.. gonna grab this one soon..

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