Saturday, 14 November 2015

My #madeofgreat, my life!

My life was quite boring and confined to my house only as being into a very conservative family and I hardly had a chance to explore the world. I found my love in books and novels. Then, I met him, became friends and then fell in love. Love, might sound quite easy and vague; but for me, it was the whole world.

Being committed to someone and being in love is also quite different. For I did not know what is love until I have come across him. He has been a friend, rather best friend, lover, husband and a guardian. I have no idea what my life would have been without him, and I do not even think about it.

There are little things which make me wonder how he is as a human being. He would treat a valet and a good friend with the same smile and hearty behavior, I know it sounds weird when I say it like that but, I have not seen a single person who would not behave with hum so nicely. It is the true example of what we get what we give. And, this nature of him has taught me a lesson too about how we an make this world a little better by changing our way of treating others.

There is another great thing about him is that he is a dog lover! I know that is very common, but he made into a dog lover too where I used to stay miles away from dogs. A childish fear of dog hovered over my head every time I used to see a dog near me, and right now, I am a big time dog lover. I trust dogs more than any human around. He convinced me to bring my son (rey) to home and for 1 week, I was scared of a little creature who hardly was bigger than my palm! Then, gradually, he became my life and I always find it hard to say thank you to him for this as words fall always short for me.

I honestly has gone through every step of my life with him and for him, he is the best thing that has happened to my life and I am forever grateful to God for making us stay together.

I have learned so many things from him and I cherish every moment with him. Now, my wish and prayer to God is to send him into my life for rest of my lives like they say in every Bollywood movies (too much drama)!

So, for me my husband is #madeofgreat and thank you Indiblogger and Tata Motors for this awesome contest as I never had this opportunity to appreciate and express my feelings about him. I am blessed with a good husband and best friend in one generous human being, and I thank God each day for this lovely blessing.

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