Monday, 14 September 2015

Rey Turned One: Celebrating My Fur-Son's Birthday Featuring Heads Up For Tails!

I cannot be happier to see my fur-son turning one, it is a privilege and utter happiness that a son like Rey is in my life! Before 1 year, I never even thought that I could ever touch or pet a dog, and now dogs have become the prior part of my life. So, when we were planning for Rey's birthday, ofcourse I could think of only one place where I could get help, i.e. Heads Up For Tails. So, I immediately contacted their Birthday Club for help and they were so generous to give Rey a good amount of discount for each product I chose! So. here is how we celebrated, read on.

Rey's Gifts from Heads Up For Tails:

1. Personalised Bone Tag.
2. All For Pets Anti-Bite Flier.
3. Born To Lick Bandana.
4. Vinyl Duck Racer Dog Toy.
5. Barkley's Collar.
6. Yummy in My Tummy Premium Dog Cookies in Mint & Fennel.(Gift from HUFT Team)

The Celebration:

We were all very much excited for this and wanted this as special as we could do for Rey. So, basically, no human other than a friend-cum-trainer Mr. Mohan was involved in this celebration. Not that Rey needed anybody else! Rey too was very excited to see the gifts and the cake! The other non-material gift for Rey was his little brother Max. We were not really sure if this was a good idea or not as many (ALL except for Mohan) said there will be jealousy and blood war. But we knew about Rey, that he is extremely familiar with both humans and dogs so, we took the risk and now they are BFFs! 

Rey: " Dad blew the candle for me, I was not sure what was it!"

Rey: " Mohan Uncle, I Woof You!"
Yum Yum

Max, "How long do I have to wait for my Birthday???"

Coming to the cake cutting ceremony, Rey and Max ever excited (as usual) to eat the cake that it became a real pain for me to capture it in my camera, still I tried my best. They both enjoyed the cake very much and until I took away the cake they kept on eating!
Ducky has become Rey's favorite toy now and he also loved the cookies as his evening snacks. The Bone tag is too cute and the best part of it is has engraved owner's numbers for safety reasons. The orange color themed collar, bandana, bone tag and also the flier was way more overwhelming for Rey! 
Brothers be alike!

Rey: "I will be good boy, I pawmise!
Max: " Stop Lying!!!"

Thanks a lot to the HUFT Team for making our Rey so happy and making this a memorable day for us.

Lastly, thanks to Mr. Mohan for being a guide and a friend and always there for us. In this one year, I have learned how to be a mother, a teacher mostly, a human. Thank you God for bringing Rey in my life and thank you Rey. You will always be my favorite kid and closest to my heart!
Hoping to celebrate Rey's birthday as long as I live, and be that mother for him as he deserved. Love you forever and the most!


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