Friday, 3 July 2015

DIY Charcoal Face Mask:

Yes! We can use charcoal to our face! Charcoal face mask is very popular for purifying skin and clear up pores to get the best version of your skin. I have seen so many vloggers using charcoal capsules as their blackhead removing mask and I got very interested in it. I searched in a few medical shops, after 2-3 shops, I finally got it in my hands. And today I am gonna show you how I have used Charcoal capsules for skin care.

Charcoal Capsules:

It is contained with activated powdered charcoal which can be used for many purposes. We, beauties use it for beauty of course. This powdered charcoal brings out the impurities from the deepest pores of our skin, removing dead cells and making our skin extra clean and free from dirt.

Where to Buy?

You can get it from any medical store, especially from a store near an emergency room. Just ask for charcoal capsules or carbon capsules, it costs around Rs. 50 for 10 capsules. Make sure you check the expiry date before buying.

Primal Uses:

I have read you can also drink the powder mixed with a glass of water but I did not! So, I cannot tell you the experience. This is also used for whitening your teeth, just apply paste on your toothbrush and then dip it in the activated powdered charcoal, when the whole paste area is covered with it, start brushing for 5 minutes; then wash off. With regular (2-3 times a month) use you will get the best white version of your teeth plus a problem-free oral health.

DIY Charcoal Face Mask:

Things Needed-

  • 1 plastic bowl/plate.
  • 2 Charcoal Capsules.
  • Rose water/papaya water.
  • Scissors.


Take a clean plastic bowl or plate for metal might react with activated charcoal. Cut the charcoal capsules in half with the scissors and gently pour the powder onto the bowl/plate. Now add few drops of your rose water or papaya water in to the powder and start mixing, add more according to your preference. I prefer my mask to be like a paste. Once you are happy with the consistency, start applying on to your skin leaving the lips and eye contour area. The paste is going to be little powdery, so don't worry about it and gently spread it on your skin.
Leave it for no more than 15 minutes on your skin and then wash off with plain water (lukewarm). You can also use your gentle face wash after it to get out the stains from your skin. Yes, it stains a bit but after using face wash, you will get very clean and soft skin like never before.


  1. Cleans skin very nicely.
  2. Removes dirt, impurities, dead cells.
  3. Makes skin squeaky clean and super soft.
  4. Skin looks very clear and fresh instantly.
  5. Can be used once in a week or two.

So, that is my miracle worker face mask which I use before every occasion or party to bring out the best of my skin! Try this face mask and let me know the results!

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