Monday, 27 July 2015

Arm Candies: Bags for Fashionable You!

Bags are the best accessory that you can style with your look. Even if you are just carrying a tote bag or sling bag, you can look like very fashionable. I am such a bag lover, that I take the longest time to choose bags. For me buying clothes or even a lipstick is very easy, but bags, I feel I should take the whole store home. And, the finally when I come home, there will be atleast 4-5 bags. So, as you can see, today's article is going to be about bags!

I recently came across the website named Zaful,com and I was totally drooling over their collections of dresses and the bags were the best of all! You can find a perfect match as your arm candy with your every look in Zaful. From high fashion to street fashion, and from casual date to party looks, Zaful has got it for you. The best part of this website is, it has free shipping worldwide and the payments are the very safe ways such as paypal, wire transfer.

Here are some snaps:

Zaful is now offering up to 50% sale on dresses, accessories, which is quite irresistible. Check out the collection here and also check out my wish list here.

The first thing I have noticed about this website is its edgy, fashionable theme; which is very desirable for most of us. I am right now in a banned situation since I shopped a lot in the past two months. But, trust me, as soon as I am free to shop, my first attack would be zaful and I am adding more and more to my wish list almost everyday!
I am practically saving for rainy days i.e. GOSF which is only 4 months away. And, I warned my husband that during GOSF I become a shopper-zilla, so he better clear the air.

Note: This is a sponsored article, but the thoughts are unbiased.

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