Tuesday, 23 June 2015

My Fashion Haul from Limeroad.com!

Okay so, the shopping season technically never ends and we are the live example of that. I recently found out this amazing online fashion website called Limeroad.com and it also has an app. So, this site is actually different than any other shopping site as it has a very lovely theme where you can create looks with compiling dresses, accessories and shoes and post it for others to see and when you do that you get credits in points which can be redeemed while you are shopping from the site! Isn't that amazing? I know! I feel like I am addicted to create looks and show my whatever little fashion sense I have left in somewhere deep down!
Anyways, lets find out more about this website and my shopping experience with it.

I bought a lovely royal blue maxi dress, for my spring collection and I have used my LR credits while checking out and it works like the smoothest butter! I felt so happy while creating looks and then shopping is of course a guilty pleasure. The service is super fast, and also very clear. There are technically millions of products to choose from and while creating looks, I get different perspective of which dress would look better with which type of shoes; it feels like I am consulting a fashion expert.

Limeroad.com Offers:

Limeroad offers, all kinds of fashion products, accessories and also home decor. There is a vast collection for each section where you can choose the best that suits your style. It has different modes of payment for your convenience (no COD though!). The checkout process and the delivery service was excellent I must say. The transparency of the service is quite useful, getting the informations right on time.

My Recommendation:

I would definitely recommend this website to everyone. Show your creativity and choose from the vast collection; enjoy fashion right in your finger-tips. Earn points and shop more! I honestly feel that Limeroad.com app on my tab is right now my best friend and my only shopping destination for fashion stuffs.

PS. Soon I am going to post an OOTD post featuring this maxi dress, if everything in my life stays stagnant (just kidding!). I just loved this dress so much that for this only I ordered a statement necklace from Limeroad again (guilty!). So, stay tuned! Stay fashionable.


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