Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Herbal Hair Care Powders Haul & Where to Buy Them Online?

Hey Everyone!
Today I am doing another haul, this time it is related to hair care. Since I have faced major hairfall when I moved to different city, the change of weather caught me off guard. I tried many shampoos and products and nothing seemed to solve it properly. Then I almost lost hope and then again, I got charged up to get my hair back in it's realm. So, I have watched many youtube videos about girls from different state and country swear by these herbal hair products that are from India. I was so ashamed of myself that foreign countries are availing the power of herbs especially from India, and I am searching for hair products that are not even made in India! Thus I searched online and bought herbal powders for hair as soon as possible.

What Are These Herbal Powders:

Amla, Aritha, Shikakai, Methi, Hibiscus and Brahmi are the herbs that are the ultimate hair care solutions. Banjara's is an Indian herbal company from which I have used products earlier and they are truly natural and working. Mainly the herbs are kinds of fruits, seeds and flowers which are dried under the direct sunlight and then grounded into smooth powder which retains all the goodness of the herbs. These are really easy to make even at home but they are ofcourse time consuming, in our rat-racing world who has time for all the lengthy processes right? When we can just get them at doorstep with just a click!

Products Bought:

1. Banjara's Amla Hair Care Powder.
2. Banjara's Shikakai Hair Care Powder.
3. Banjara's Methi Hair Care Powder.
4. Banjara's Hibiscus Hair Care Powder.
5. Banjara's Brahmi Hair Care Powder.
6. Banjara's Aritha Hair Care Powder.

Where To Buy Online:

I have shopped from myntra, do mind that myntra is now only an app, so you need the app in your phone to shop from it. There other places would be amazon.com, flipkart.com (subject matter to availability).

Soon, I will review these products for you guys and let you know how they are. So, stay tuned friends and have fun!

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