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How To Deal With Allergies: The Fastest & Natural Way

Allergies can be caused due to various reason, it can be food allergies, sun allergies etc. Most of the time, I get sun allergies which appears as very small rashes, (like prickly heat) and a few pink acne types among them, which caused bit of pain. Since I have hyper-sensitive skin, I get this allergies almost every summer, sometimes 2-3 times in a season. So, I practically have tries almost every thing possible, dermatologist, homeopathy and what not. But, I have experimented and found the best solution for this horrible situation!

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What Do I Do?

I stop using any skin care product on the effected area for at least 3-4 days. I only use a mild face wash. I prepare a face pack and apply it as many time as I can. And then wash off with the same face wash.

Healing Face Pack:

Take two teaspoons of oats (unflavored) and soak it in fresh curd for about 15 minutes. If you want, you can add honey to it, but that is totally optional. Once the oats are soaked nicely, apply the pack on the effected area neatly and leave for at least 20 minutes.


What this pack does is it cools the skin, and its sensations. Curd itself is very soothing and mixed with oats, it provides a very soothing and cool effect for the skin. Oats have this working agents in it which helps in healing the allergies sooner. So, basically the more you apply the pack, the more benefit you will get. I try to use this pack 4 times a day if at home, this way, the next morning I see allergy-free skin!

Now, to work it even better, you can use aloe vera gel direct from the leaf once you wash off this pack. I use it very often, as my skin is hyper-sensitive, I sometimes get itching sensation while using aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel is also very helpful in soothing the skin and healing the allergies. After washing off the pack, pat dry your skin and apply the aloe vera gel gently massaging it on the skin and leave it. i would not recommend to use store-brought aloe vera gel at the time when you have allergies or rashes.

This face pack can also be used for severe acne treatment, and if added honey to it, this pack will be helpful in removing tan from skin also. So, multi-talented this face pack is my holy-grail and life saver during allergy times. I once recommended one of my college friend to use this pack twice a day for her acne and scar problems, she was extremely benefited with this. You also have to keep in mind that not always everything works for everyone.

Benefits of This Pack:

  • Soothing.
  • Healing.
  • Clearing tan.
  • Reducing acne attack.
  • All natural.
  • Helps get a clearer skin with regular use.

So, if you are having problems like allergies or acne or rashes, do try this face pack and do not forget to notify me if it helped you or not. If you have any queries you can ask me in the comments or mail me at-

Please keep in mind that every person has different skin type with different system. Since this  is a natural treatment, it might take a bit time, all you need to do is be patient and relax. Keep your skin healthy and stay naturally beautiful! <3

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