Monday, 11 May 2015

1 Week Home Remedy Skin Treatment Challenge!

If the title got you interested, then welcome to my blog! No, the title is not at all misleading. I am going to do a 1 week skin treatment challenge with pictures. Where did this idea come from? Few days ago, I got an email with a query 'I have pimple and marks, I want to remove it with home treatment. My marriage is near, please help.' The message was short and to the point, and yet it got my attention. Marriage is a very big deal for girls all around the world. So, every girl wants to be a perfect bride with perfect skin and hair. And I thought, even though it was not marked as 'SOS', it sure was.

Now, recently, I do not know what is happening to my body or skin or hair. I am having major pimple-season going on, on the other hand, there's extreme fall out form hair. So, it was time to take a firm step for me. And receiving that email made me even more enthusiastic. So, I decided to experiment a new sets of skin treatments, all natural to deal with various skin problems.

No, I did not invent anything, I am just trying a few things that I have tried before also but this time I am doing it consistently and tracking my records. Each day, I will do the treatments and click a picture of mine, without filter, without editing, just under bright sunlight; so that you will see the difference.

What I am Going To Do?

I am trying scrub, face pack and toner which are all going to be natural and right from my kitchen. The recipes will be revealed after completing the whole challenge. The only reason, I am keeping them undercover is even though I have tried them in the past, I have never done it all together and regularly. So, if any problem appears, I might need to make some changes.

When Will I Reveal The Results?

I will update the final result with all the pictures and details on the 8th day.

My Skin Type:

I have combination skin. My t-zone is oily and cheeks are normal and the area around my mouth is dry. Yeah, weird! So, mostly, it is near normal to oily skin. So, the treatments I will try is going to be for this skin type only, but I will definitely mention the substitutes for the other skin types.

No makeup, no editing!! Oops..... my undone eyebrows!!! :(

My Major Problems:

As you can see in the pictures, I have big pimples and also dark scars from previous pimples. I have slight dark circle around my eyes, which is not big issue right now. I also have dark patch around my mouth.


Please keep in mind that I am not forcing anyone or challenging anyone to do whatever I am doing. It is purely a challenge to myself and the answer to the reader's query. So, if you try it and not get results, please don't hate me! :P These are all natural treatments which takes time and you need to be patient. Before applying anything on face especially for sensitive skin, please do not forget to do a patch test on the hand.

So, see you after one week and in the meantime, do visit to check on updates... <3

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