Wednesday, 29 April 2015

How I Celebrated My Birthday- Pictures & Rant!

First of all, I turned 24 last week (15th April)!! Yay! It was my first birthday away home or after marriage. So, I was bit sad as I missed my parents and home, as well as happy to be with hubby! So, amidst this weird and confusing mental state I started my day with a midnight cake-cutting ceremony which was actually first ever in my life!

 I love chocolate cake, but the reason my midnight cake was pineapple being the fact that my lab pup 'Rey' couldn't eat the chocolate one! And he loves to eat cake.

Then, in the morning, I woke up early and took bath as it was also the new year day according to Bengali calender. So, it became a double celebration for us! I had no idea that my hubby was planning a surprise evening party as he told me 'let's keep it private, only family party.'

Nobody let me do any work and the lunch was a take away and of course veg (I AM VEGGIE NOW!!!). Cut to afternoon, hubby walks in with disposable plates and cups and other necessary things, and I was in total shock! He arranged the party, although for only few neighbors and family friends. Yet it was very enchanting. I enjoyed the whole bit!

This was my party cake:

Now, coming to my look! As you can hardly imagine if you are told only 1 hour before that guests are coming to the party and you have to get dressed out of the blue, what happens! As usual, I did my makeup in a hurry and the pictures taken was in even more hurry! So, please forgive me for being a fashion-killer! Also my hair, it was a total mess (sobbing)!!!

A quick selfie was taken while doing makeup!



Dress from RIO (Reliance Trends).
Bangles and Earrings PRETTY WOMAN (Reliance Trends).
Freshlook Colourblends Contact lenses- Green.
And some Gold jeweleries.


MAC Concealer pallet(base, contour & highlight).
MAC Loose Powder- NC20.
Maybelline Pink Alert POW2.
Oriflame Cake Eyeliner-black.
Maybelline Collosal Kajal Black.
MUA Extreme Volume Mascara.
Inglot Eye Shadows: AMC54, Matte 348, Rainbow 132 (for highlighting)
Colorbar Cheekillusion Blush in Pink Pinch.

This dress was hubby's choice and his gift, which I loved and adored the moment I saw. How organizing of him that he bought these matching bangles even with this dress (*shock*). I recently am being very adventurous with my looks, so I thought I would use color contacts. After a lot of research and thinking, I bought these green lenses from FreshLook. And, shockingly they kind of suited me! (*happydance*)!

Overall, I enjoyed, in fact we all did! It has become a very memorable day for me and I thank everyone who wished me birthday!

Lots of love friends... <3 <3 <3

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Worlds No 1 Skincare Brand – NIVEA Introduces NIVEA- Night Whitening Skin Moisturiser

NIVEA India Pvt. Ltd, an affiliate of Beiersdorf AG and the world’s Number 1 Skin care brand introduces its first body lotion to offer a Night Whitening proposition in the market- NIVEA Night Whitening Skin Moisturiser.  This launch builds on their existing Whitening portfolio which includes Whitening Even Tone Lotion and Extra Whitening Lotion + SPF15.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Berry Bomb Review & Pictures:

Well, finally I am back with a review after ages! So, how you all doing this summer? I was doing quite well until yesterday when I got the news of this horrible natural calamity (earthquake) in many places of India and mostly in Nepal. I am devastated by the pictures and videos captured during and after the hit. My prayers will always be with the affected victims.

Anyways, I am here with a review; that also of one of my favorite products of all season, Maybelline Baby Lips. Few months or weeks back (I really lost track of the beauty world!) Maybelline launched a range of Baby Lips with shocking shades, and when it comes about shocking colours, I would be there to consume! So, I bought the berry shade, Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Berry Bomb.

Product Info: Infused with Electric colour pigments in our exclusive lip renew formula for a sheer tint of colour. Formula with shea butter and vitamin E gives soft and naturally smooth and leaves a supple and smooth feeling.

Price & Quantity: Rs. 165 for 3.5 g.


Shelf Life: 36 months.

My Take on Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Berry Bomb:

First off, the packaging is super cool! I genuinely loved the broad size (compared to other basic Maybelline Baby Lips range) and the template of the product. The clear glass cover is much cuter in every way. The only fear is, the tip of the bullet is sticking out from the base which may cause in messing it while opening or closing the cover. I would prefer the whole bullet to stay in and protected, because I stopped using a lip balm if the bullet gets broken or damaged.

Next is the lovely exotic fruity smell! I smell berries all the way! Even my Lab pup ‘Rey’ feels the same (look at the end of this post!). Another nice thing about this lip balm is it is tinted, since I have pigmented lips, I swear for tinted lip balms. This lip balm has slight tint of light purple shade which comes as some sort of pinkish tint on my lips but with a natural look. The light purple shade creates a dark tone which is very useful in covering the pigments on my lips.

Now coming to the texture of this lip balm, it glides on the lips very swiftly and creates a glossy coat on my lips, but to get the tint, I need to repeat 3-4 coats to get the slight tint on my lips. And after that voila! I get very much summer-y glossy tinted lips in just few seconds! There is no stickiness or anything else other than a perfect stick lip balm impact.

The lip balm works very nicely on dry lips as it keeps my lips hydrated and smooth for a long time. And, if I continuously use it for even 2-3 days, my chapped lips will get cured and no more chipping off and only smooth lips what I get. So, mainly this lip balm is nothing less than the original Maybelline Lip Balm range, and quite successful in maintaining it’s awesome legacy.

The Good Points:
  • Tinted!
  • Lovely, trendy packaging.
  • Beautiful texture.
  • Keeps lips smooth and soft.
  • Cures chapped lips after regular use.
  • Easily available in stores or online.
  • Lovely tint to cover up pigments.
  • Keeps lips hydrated and smooth for maximum of 4-5 hours.
  • Affordable price.
  • Fruity smell!!

The Not-so-Good Points:
  • The bullet sticks out a bit which may lead to breaking it if not being careful.

Rating: 4.8/5.

If I leave my lip balm for even 5 minutes, he will do the same to it!!!

My Recommendation: I would definitely recommend this lip balm to all, especially those with pigmented lips. You will love this if you ever loved Baby Lips, and if you haven’t used any of Baby Lips before, you can surely try this range current summer! The fruity smell, the lovely tint and the colour popping electric shade will never fail to win your heart! Go for it this summer!

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