Friday, 13 March 2015

My Life So Far...

So, I have been MIA for possibly the longest time! And, I have missed so many things that I might need a whole week to catch up but yet I am trying my best.

I have been silent for the last few months and why?
I don't know if I am giving the valid excuse or not, but the reason was life!! Yes, LIFE!! I was all so stuck in my new life that I could hardly get time for myself. Not that blogging was not important for me, but some times it (life) beats me and I feel to just sit back and not indulge in anything at all. So, that is what I was doing!

Me in the NEW YEAR PARTY!!

I was given two songs to dance with my husband and we came in first! The songs were- "Jhoot bole kauwa kaate" & "Chammak challo"!!

Me in my cousin's Engagement Party!

It was one of my elder cousin sister's engagement party where I wore this beautiful dress from Kashish.

What is New?
Well, nothing is much new, I have already updated that I am married now (yes!!) and its been 6 months! I got a puppy also who was 17 days old when we adopted it, and now he is also a young pup!

Mmmm what else? Oh yeah!! I GOT JOB!!! Last month, I was just being very ambitious (yes, I do that often!) and I thought, I should work! So, I walked into a consultancy where the weirdest things happened! First of all, the consultant I got was a pretty lady named Zara, who was so appreciative of my makeup and style that I almost forgot why I was there. Then, in the interview zone, I was the only fresher which led me to immense pressure and horrifying thoughts of how to run away from that room! But, fortunately I went through the first round, then the second, and then the final. In the meantime also, Zara came and told, "OMG! Its been 7-8 hours, and your makeup is still intact! You look so fresh!" I guess she was the reason, I smiled and got that boost to cope up with the hardest situation (as if!) in my life! After giving all kind of tests, I got the job and got the good news at almost 10pm. When my husband was taking me home, I felt the happiest girl in the whole world as I got the best HR from Genpact to take my interview and also from a very helpful consultancy!

Oops!! My Hair Story!!
I was doing a hair growth challenge hosted by Lancy from MABH, but, I could not update the monthly progerss. Lancy though was very sweet when I took her consent for not being able to update in proper time, but yet again I failed to connect to the rest of the world! So, here is what improvement I got! Definitely, in spite of not being able to take care of my hair regularly, my hair grew and made me proud! Now, the tip of my hair is almost touching my jeans strap level! YAY!

What Next??
I am taking a pledge today of being regular and consistent in this area! I have lots of posts and reviews coming up, so stay tuned to get amazed!!

Stay happy and stay healthy!!
<3 <3 <3

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