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Biotique Bio Cado Avocado Stress Relief Body Massage Oil Review:

When I was shopping from, I picked out a body massage oil randomly and it was in the winter season, so I thought I could really use a new body oil. Jabong though delivered it with it's super fast service and here is my review of this body oil.

Product Description: Relieves body fatigue and tension. Specially formulated for a full-body, spa massage. ORGANICALLY PURE AND PRESERVATIVE FREE. DERMATOLOGIST TESTED FOR SAFETY. NO ANIMAL TESTING.

Price & Quantity: Rs. 135 for 210ml.


Usage: Massage liberally into body skin, using circular motions, from ankles to neck. Apply daily or as needed.

My Review on Biotique Bio Cado Avocado Stress Relief Body Massage Oil:

Packaging: The packaging is quite neat and sturdy. But, there is only a big nozzle which may led to poring more than enough if not being careful. Otherwise, packaging is almost perfect.

Smell & Texture: It smells like 'tiger balm', seriously!! First time, I sniffed it and I was as usual expecting something to be very splendid or soothing and what I got was some kind of pain relief balm smell! It was really a big turn off. The brand claims that this body oil is best for spa massage, even in my spa massage I would prefer an awesome smelling body oil like sandalwood or rose.

This oil is at its correct consistency and it is not too oily on the skin which seems to be a nice point for me.

My Take: Well, it does nourish the skin. Although it wears off after 3-4 hours, and the best part is the smell does not linger at all. Unfortunately, I did not feel any de-stressing feeling after using this repeatedly. The smell does help in relaxing at times.

I tried to use this oil as my daily body oil in the last winter but I failed (or the product). I gave up after 1 and half week and went back to my NIVEA body lotion. But, one day when my grandma-in-law was talking about ayurvedic oils for pain relief, I mentioned this oil and she told me that she will try it. And, she tells me after one week, this oil really works, it does not take the whole pain away but it reduces her knee pain to a great level. I thought to myself, wow you did a good thing, and you need a shopping reward!

Later on, her daughter also used it for two days and asked me where to get from as she is also willing to buy it!! I mean, this only proves that brands do not make duds, WE are not suitable for some products! Honestly, I thought about reviewing this oil saying what a dud, but thankfully I waited!

The Goods:

  1. Does reduce pain and stress.
  2. Helps in relaxing.
  3. Can be used daily.
  4. Nourishing and moisturizing.
  5. Not too oily.
  6. Perfect for normal to oily skin.
  7. Pocket friendly.
  8. Easily available online and in malls.
  9. Natural and ayurvedic product.

The Bads:

  1. The smell might turn you off (only because we do not expect a body oil to smell like pain relief balm).
  2. Might not work for every one.
  3. This is not a regular body oil.

My Rating: 3/5.

Recommendation: I cannot tell this works as pain or stress relief for sure as I myself did not experience any difference, but it did help me relax. You can give this a try if you enjoy spa massages regularly as your spa massage oil.

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