Monday, 3 November 2014

MABH Blogger Hair Growth Challenge: Month 1!

Hello friends!

I am back and this time no more bluffing! To start with, I got a pup!! Yes, I would love to share his picture with you guys but as I am a concerned mother now (ahem ahem!) I rather not (hyper mom syndrome). Although people those have me in their whatsapp might have seen him already. Anyways, I was pretty busy with all these and my ever-messy life!

Coming to the MABH challenge, this is exactly why I took it. I needed a super power boost to take care of my hair even in busy schedule. I am now going to share what I did last month and what I should have done!

What I Did:

As I mentioned in my challenge accepting post that I will take biotin tablet everyday, in fact I did. I may have missed a day or two but I guess that can be excused. I also consumed amla after lunch almost everyday. I increased the intake of eggs, fish, chicken as my protein intake. I also keep oats and muesli in my diet to keep my busy body healthy.

What I Missed:

As this was festival month, I hardly got time to take care of my hair with proper oiling, shampooing or treating with spa. And from 1st Nov, I have been very strict with my oiling habit. Also, my hair miss the lovely herbal treatments I used to do, so I am going to give my hair some spa treatments but in home style!

Products I Am Using:

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil.
Parachute Coconut Oil.

Meera Hairfall Care Shampoo.
Biotique Bio Green Apple Fresh Daily Purifying Shampoo.

Things I Have Noticed:

  1. As usual, my hair texture improved, it became softer.
  2. I feel the length has increased a bit.
  3. Hair fall reduced somewhat.

My Hair Now:

My Pledge: November

I am going to continue all the things I have been doing last month, plus the things I missed. I am going to use some herbal treatment like curry leaves paste or hibiscus leaves paste for my hair. This time, I am very serious, very much! And, very soon I am going to share these herbal treatment with you guys!

Oh by the way, my baby is a Labrador Retriever, fully black and I named him 'Rey', its Spanish for "King".  

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