Sunday, 5 October 2014

Accepting MABH Hair Growth Blogger Challenge:

There has been a lot of changes in my life since past 2-3 months, and due to coping in a new weather and place, I am facing a lot of trouble regarding my hair. So, when I found out one of my fellow blogger and  a very sweet girl Lancy (from MABH) is doing an interesting event called "MABH Hair Growth Blogger Challenge", I thought this was only my way out of the misery I am facing now.

MABH Hair Growth Blogger Challenge is an event or a course where participants will share their hair growth journey together using MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil and whatever product or diet they want to choose for their hair growth.

About My Hair: I have brownish black hair which is very fine in texture. The length of my hair is till the starting of my hip bone (pelvis). I only trim my hair in 2-3 months gap. I have trimmed my hair last week only, and since it is a new place, the salon girl had trimmed it a bit longer than I usually do. I have oily scalp and recently received the curse of dandruff! Also, I am facing a huge hair fall season, as I do not get much time to pamper my hair, I use MABH Hair Oil once or twice a week.

Current Condition of My Hair

My Routine: For now, I am planning to use MABH Hair Oil at least 3 times a week with castor oil treatment. I did stop taking Biotin, for no particular reason, and I am going to resume it. Also, I am going to take eggs everyday as my protein intake along with fish. I use Biotique Green Apple Daily Purifying Shampoo. Lancy has already sent me a full size sample bottle of her MABH Hair Oil and she will provide this oil to all the participants till the end of the challenge.

What Else I Need To Do: As I am a married now, my routine has completely changed, work load is extra and not to mention the water which might be the one of the reason of hair fall. So, I am going to check my routine and get exact 7-8 hours sleep (which can be difficult as I have recently adopted a puppy less than one month old!) and proper diet and hair care!

So, for the next few months, I will be posting my hair growth updates and improvements and also glitches (hope not!). Let us see what happens to my hair after one month. I wish all the fellow bloggers who is in this challenge a very good luck!

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