Friday, 26 September 2014

Product Launch: Barever- Freedom from Frequent Hair Removal!

Ever since I am married I have became more lazy or just I find very less time for me. I would run to the parlour for my eyebrows grooming, but I would think 10 times if I am going for waxing, as it takes more time and who can ignore the excruciating pain!

Anyways, I got an email from the Wet & Dry Personal Care telling me about a product which will help in keeping our body free from unwanted hair for a longer period. And my first reaction was, is that really possible? So, they sent me a sample of this product t try and I am feeling really excited to try it out.

Barever is the products name, and it claims it can reduce or slower the growth of hair in the skin if used 5 days twice in a row after getting hair removal session. So, I have recently got waxed, and from tomorrow I am going to start using it and I will post a detailed review about this product.

Are you excited?
Stay tuned for the update within one week!

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