Thursday, 25 September 2014

Heads Up For Tails: A Delight For Your Pet

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It has been what, like a month or so since I have updated my blog. My reason? Well, I had typhoid 1st stage and adding to that jaundice, but fortunately enough, I am cured. And, hopefully I can update my blog regularly. So, to restart the journey, I am here with an interesting post that will surely interest all the pet lovers.

I have been sent an invitation to review this site named which a site full of the things that your pets will be delighted to get.

Birthday Bash with Heads Up For Tails!

From food to accessories, and to beddings, everything your pet might need is here just a click away. Heads Up For Tails is a luxury brands for your 'pawsh' pets and to make them delighted from ears to paws. This is a site owned by a dedicated pet lover, Rashi Shanon Narang and her lovely team which makes this a bit different and altogether a loving experience than mere business.

Grooming for your pet!

Tasty Treats!!

Now what are the things that you can get in Heads Up  For Tails?

Look at the prices!! 

Would You Not Love This on Your Pet?

Treat time!!

These beds are the coolest!!

You can find various clothes styles and you can buy it gender-wise also; in the clothing section, there are party wear and rain coats to casual wear. You can also get lovely and super cute dog bowls, dog collars, dog and cat food, your pet's bedding. Also, if you are one of those who like to groom pets by their own, you can get all the grooming stuffs from combs to shampoo and conditioners and all other products.

Playtime for your pet!

Little some thing for cat lovers too!!

The most exciting part is the Wag Box, it is a grooming gift box for your pet that you can get with monthly subscriptions (1/3/6 months). There is also a mini version of this Wag Box is available!

Wag Box!!

Honestly, I love this site, and if I had a pet, I would have spend a few of my 'online shopping hours' choosing the awesome and cool stuffs for my pet! The site is very easy on the navigation side, COD and card payments are available with the fast delivery service.

I might sound a bit cheesy, but I am now feeling like I have to get a pet now, because I hate the fact that what awesome stuffs I am missing!! Or I might just order a few things beforehand, you know, for my future pet, if that is not too desperate! :P

My Recommendation: I would highly recommend all the pet lovers to check out Heads Up  For Tails and I can bet you will be getting extra licking and woofing and wagging tail once you gift your pet these cool merchandise. The prices are totally budget-friendly to try out, so, woof woof!! Start shopping!

Disclaimer: Though I was reached out by for a review post but the article is completely reflects my own thoughts after researching about the website.

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