Friday, 15 August 2014

One Year Anniversary Giveaway Winners:

Happy Independence Day Everyone!!! We are free for the last 67 years and that fact needs celebration, so how about making four of you guys happy?

One month has gone by and now it is time to announce the winners of my Giveaway and I want to say thanks you so much all for participating and supporting my blog which has become a website just one month ago. I am very much grateful to all of you who has been a part of this special giveaway.

Unfortunately, a bit amount of the participants have missed some of the mandatory rules of this giveaway. I am sorry if you are not the winner, but please follow all the rules mentioned to be the winner/s next time. For now, yes, obviously, I have four winners and I am very glad to announce their names.

And the winners are......

Prize 1: Kirti Bansal.
Prize 2: Kavita Nayak.
Prize 3: Sangeeta Agarwal.
Prize 4: Farzeen Irani.

Winners, please mail me your address & contact details within 24 hours at :

The winners have been chosen with the highest points earned.
One more thing, please do not be sad or frustrated, I do hold giveaway/ contests every now and then and sure there will be another in a jiffy! So, stay connected and I love you all!

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