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Natural Beauty Tips:

Beauty is somehow mixed with the idea of perfect makeup these days. I cannot deny this fact myself being a beauty blogger, I never go out without makeup even if I am going for evening walk or going to the mall. Makeup covers our flaws and creates that disillusion which makes us look the perfect in other's eyes. This is what makes us happy about ourselves. But, is it really required?

I have always been no-makeup type of girl all my life until I came in contact with the beauty world. Not that I am blaming, but doing makeup makes me happy too. But then I realized how about taking a good care of my skin which will actually reflect the inner healthy glow and project a flaw-less skin? It was a few months ago when I started taking care of my skin religiously!

Few Tips That Will Take Care of Your Skin:

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1. Scrubbing is really important as it removes dead cells as well as clears pores leaving skin smooth and supple. Using natural ingredients is always the safest way to take care of your skin. I use rice flour or oats for my scrubbing routine. If you have acne or rashes, you should use oats instead of rice flour or any store-bought scrub. Oats soaked in water or milk or curd is very soft and mild yet it clears skin very well. If you are free from any acne or rashes, you can use rice flour mixed with curd as your daily scrub, it will make you skin smooth and supple instantly.

2. CTM, cleansing-toning-moisturizing. This is a must regime for everyone, be a student or house wife or office-worker. Our skin goes through a lot of struggle with pollution and dirt. At the end of the day, you must clean and tone and moisturize your skin in order to take care of it in the long run.

3. Night Care: If you have crossed the age of 20, I would suggest you to use a proper night cream or lotion or serum of your choice every night. Before going to sleep, using the night cream with ensure the balance of moisture in your skin for the night. And, in the morning, you will get soft and nourished skin. If you are not sure which one to pick, try using aloe vera gel. It will help in clearing spots and tan too while keeping your skin balanced in moisture.

4. Home Facial: I know, we think, facial is dangerous for skin especially when done at young age. But, if doing it at home with all natural ingredients, it might not be that bad actually. Try doing home facial at least once a month for the natural glow. {Read my recipes of Home Facial with all natural ingredients}.

5. Morning Routine: Mix one tablespoon of raw milk with a two drops of lemon juice and apply it one the face with a cotton ball. Leave it until you take bath. This mixture will help in improving your skin tone gradually and you will get a clean and glowing skin soon.

My Idea of Real Beauty:
For me, looking like a celebrity with loads of makeup is not real beauty. The healthy glow with a healthy skin is what I prefer. In this century, keeping ourselves healthy is quite a challenge when mouth-watering pizzas and french fries call us towards them. But, if we maintain a healthy diet with lots of fiber in it, we may manage to treat ourselves with these junk foods for the weekends. 8 hours of sound sleep and huge intake of waters will help in keeping the skin healthy, also eating seasonal fruits or fruit juices are quite a good option for that.

Recently, I have found a lovely site full of beauty, health and lifestyle tips, which I absolutely loved to browse and read, Take a look here: I am sure, you will find this site helpful too! :D
Stay healthy and stay beautiful! <3

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