Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Happy 1st Birthday to INBM! Surprise Giveaway Announcement!

Yes! First of all, I am feeling sorry for my baby blog, it completed 1 year today and I have been so caught up in my personal life that I had no time to give. And, in my defense, I would like to state that there are many changes already happened in my life. I have started a new life with a new address, if you can understand what I am implying! Thanks to all those friends who has given me support and strength. So, technically, there is two big news!

Now, I am so happy and overwhelmed that I wanted to give my love away to you wonderful people. No, actually, I have been planning this giveaway for a long time! :P Either way, I want to make you guys happy too! :D

About the giveaway, this is not a huge giveaway, but there will be 4 winners each winning different gifts and the best part is, you can choose which set of products you want! Isn't that exciting?

The giveaway will start from midnight, so, do come back to enter the giveaway.
Take care and lots of love...

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