Sunday, 25 May 2014

Winner of NIVEA Go Sleeveless Contest Week 2!

Hello beautiful people!
I am right now in middle of turbulence, I know I have a habit of exaggerating things, but trust me, with so much things to do and to think, I feel so tired and occupied! I do not have that extra time for me even and I feel sorry for my blog too! :( I am guessing this would continue till the end of this month, and probably after that, I can live my life!!

Anyways, the exciting news is here! Week 2 has been over and there is a winner, of course! I have noticed some of the contestants got caught up in a heated conversation, guys, this is a fun contest... Guys, please calm down and take it as a fun contest. Yes, we go through every comment as this contest is based on the answer that you are writing, the better the answer, better the chance of winning. So, try to be innovative and keep it real; these words are for all, just a simple advice! :P

Now, the Winner of NIVEA Go Sleeveless Contest Week 2 is......


Congratulations and thanks a lot for participating!

"We will soon send you an email with the code of the voucher worth Rs. 1000 that you can redeem from! Please make sure to send a reply to that mail stating the confirmation of receiving the code."

For all others, there is 2 more weeks left, meaning 2 more winners!!! So, please do not be sad or disappointed. Make sure to check out this blog again to enter for NIVEA Go Sleeveless Contest Week 3 with a different question to answer and win Rs. 1000 voucher from!!
Good luck and stay happy folks!

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