Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My Buyincoins.com Haul:

Two things attract online shoppers a lot, one, cheap price tag and second, FREE SHIPPING!! Somehow, even we do not need or want to shop at the moment, but once these two things hit our eye sight, we go crazy! I am not sure if I am speaking for most of you or not, but this is definitely my bad nature!
While searching through different blogs and different online shopping sites in various tabs open in my system, I found out this amazing online site named buyincoins.com. It has lovely products from very useful household things to beauty accessories to electronics appliances. The best this indeed has free shipping and the price tag is absolutely pocket friendly!

Now, I cannot say my shopping experience with this site has been smooth, well, it was not at first! I placed my first order on 20th Jan, and it was a messed up situation where my parcel was lost and the customer care service told me that it was lost in some snow-storm somewhere. Anyways, they finally refunded my money in coins (which can be used for my next purchase and also can be transferred into my account). So, what I did was, I placed another order within 2 days of my refund and to my astonishment, the parcel came within 14 days!

Products I Have Bought:

  • 11 Piece Bamboo Makeup Brushes- $11.19.
  • 4 Pieces Makeup Face Brushes- $7.75.
  • Tapered Eyeshadow Blending brush- $1.02.
  • 10 Pairs of False Lashes- $2.31.
  • 5 Pieces Nail-art Tools- $1.55.
  • Mini Tri-pod for Point and Shoot Camera- $1.65.
  • 15 Pairs Ear Plugs (not pictured)- $1.79.

I am a beginner in makeup, and since a long time I was craving for professional makeup brushes. And, honestly, RT or Sigma brushes are out of my league, still to get my hands set for pro makeup, I needed proper makeup brushes. This site has various kinds of makeup brushes, probably all any person may need. The one thing I was not sure about was the quality, and after receiving the parcel, I am more than relieved, I am super happy! Because, the quality is excellent and no fall-outs at all, plus they are super soft and skin-friendly!

The 11 Piece Bamboo Makeup Brushes have all sorts of face and eye makeup brushes, the 4 Piece Makeup Face Brushes are specially for a flawless base makeup application. And though the 11 piece set had a blending brush, I took another, just like that!

I am also a keen soul about nail art, and till now I did not have any nail art tools; so, I sort of needed this!

I was not really sure about false lashes, but they really enhance the look once applied properly!

There are a few times that I have complained in my FOTD or other posts about not having anyone to click my pictures, well now, I have mini-tripod which is very useful as it can be attached or places anywhere. The stands are flexible for twisting and wrapping them around pole or stand or even windows!

Finally, I bought ear plugs, sorry at the time of clicking pictures, I could not find them anywhere! And my forgetful nature prompted me to buy ear plugs in 15 PAIRS (irony, innit?)!! Anyways, I really have sensitive sleeping, any sound inside or outside my room wakes me up, so I needed it! Also, while flying, my ears really hurt!

So, that is my ranting about shopping online with some really cheap and needed products with some random mind-less products (may be!). Even if you do not like my post, please share your thoughts! Just kidding!

Have you ever shopped from buyincoins.com? If you are planning to, put my name 'Arshita' as referrer to get 5% off for your first purchase! See you soon! xoxo...

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