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MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Review:

If you notice my blog, you would see there are almost no posts on hair product reviews or anything of that kind. It is because; I am not very much experimental with my hair as I am with my skin! 2 years ago, I had gone through a rough time with my hair, I faced severe hair fall, stunted hair growth and really bad hair texture. So, it was the time to do research and know what is good and what not for hair. I started using castor oil for new hair growth, cold-pressed mustard oil for faster hair growth and all the tricks to save my precious hair! And, it all worked!
Cut to last year, when I saw an amazing hair care routine of Lancy (Owner of the blog MABH), I started to follow her tips on taking biotin. And finally, few months back she made her family hair oil recipe available for purchase; and I grabbed as soon as I can!

Product Description:

Price & Quantity: Rs. 400 for 100ml.

18 essential herbals including Neem, Tulsi & Bhringraj.

Shelf Life: 6 months.

My Experience with MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil:

Yup! That is our very own Indian Rapunzel, Lancy in the picture!

Packaging: This hair oil comes in a handy small plastic bottle with a screw cap on top. The bottle is fairly sturdy and spill proof. Though, MABH has changed it packaging recently!

Texture & Smell: The oil is medium thick in consistency. Meaning, if castor oil is thick and almond oil is light, MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil falls in between. It is not sticky or too hard to spread or apply. Only a small amount of this hair oil is enough to apply on the scalp and hair.
It smells like a mixture of coconut oil and mustard oil, which is not unpleasant though. It has a sweet smell to it. The smell goes away as soon as I am done applying it which might be a good thing for some.

My Take: I am using this hair oil for the past 2 months, and I may not be as regular as 3-4 times a week but I try to maintain a good routine with this hair oil and let it do wonders to my hair. And this 100ml bottle has still 1/3rd left in it after 2 months! By the way, the bottle in the picture is my second bottle that I have won in the giveaway hosted by MABH!

Since the oil is more on the thick oil side, it needs a shampoo-wash afterwards. I oil my hair with this hair oil the day before I shampoo my hair and I continue this routine at least 3-4 times a week. But, this hot weather and high humidity hinges my way. So, for the past 2 weeks I am using this hair oil only 2-3 times a week. It is described to use at least twice a week to use on hair though!

Now, the first thing I noticed after using this hair oil is, it makes my hair really soft and smooth after washing. My hair texture improved a lot ever since I am using this hair oil. Next thing, it increased my hair growth rate to almost 20% to 60%. Though I am not saying using this oil alone would help you grow hair faster, I also maintain a routine hair trimming in every 2 months, and I also take Biotin tablet every day after lunch.

My hair grew 3 inches in last 1 and half months which is for me a great achievement! Even though I am going through a really tough time with my life, but the only difference is unlike last time, it is not damaging my hair, thanks to MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil (too cheesy? Well, I swear by this hair oil now!)!

The Good Points:
  1. Helps in hair growth with proper care.
  2. Makes hair soft and smooth.
  3. All natural hair oil.
  4. One 100ml bottle goes for at least 3-4 months.
  5. Does not smell bad.
  6. Controls hair-fall.
  7. Repairs damaged hair with overnight oiling.

The Not-so-Good Points:
  1. Availability (You need to order this hair oil via email- or
  2. Freezes in winter.
  3. No full ingredients list.

My Rating: 4.7/5.

My Recommendation: This hair oil is some sort of life saver for me, and please excuse if I rave about it, but it definitely changed my hair texture into a really smooth one and helped me grow my hair faster than ever! If you want your hair to be smooth and make it grow faster than it is now, you can definitely try this hair oil. I cannot possibly say that you will get the exact same result as I have got, but this is surely nothing hazardous to try. You can check the official MABH site to know about this hair oil and check out other reviews to decide for yourself!

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