Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Khadi Face Freshener Review:

Keeping skin fresh and glowing is that ultimate wish for this humid weather. And, many toners are available for that purpose, so, while I was shopping online, I picked Khadi Face Freshener. I have heard girls loving spray toners either made with natural ingredients at home or store-bought. [By the way, did you see my skin care haul? Check it here!!] Practically, all these years I have never felt that urge until now to freshen up my face with a spray toner. Anyways, today I am going to review this toner.

Product Description: Freshen up the face by removing dirt and cleaning pores. Active herbs like neem and basil protect the skin from germs. Makes skin soft and fresh instantly.

Price & Quantity: Rs. 95 for 100ml.

Ingredients: Mint, Cucumber, Water, Basil, Leaves, Neem Leaves, Wheat Germ, Rose Petals, Base QS.

Shelf Life: 2 years.

My Experience with Khadi Face Freshener:

Packaging: The foremost reason of buying this particular freshener is its packaging with spray dispenser! The spray works really good and though it is directed to spray on the face, I do not like that way. Spraying directly on the face end up messing my hair or just flying away to the person's eyes sitting next to me! So, I spray 3 times into my palm and hurriedly apply it on to my whole face and neck. The small bottle is also very handy and useful for carrying in small purses.

Texture & Smell: The liquid is like water type consistency. It is very runny and once I apply it on the skin, it gets absorbed very easily without leaving my face watery or oily.
The smell is a mixture of cucumber and mint fragrances which I do not dislike at all, though I hate mint in flavour!

My Take: It is described to spray the liquid on the face, and wipe it off with wipes or tissue. But I do not like this way of using it! I like to apply it on my face with my palms and once it is patted dry, I leave it on.

I have sensitive combination skin with T-zone oily. After applying this toner, my face becomes really cool and I love that tingling sensation! After a few seconds, I do not feel anything but my face remains cool and fresh. I would rather recommend super oily skin ladies to follow the instruction to avoid further oiliness.

I apply it whenever I am out for long hours and also when I am home. I am using it for 3 weeks now, and  what can I say, in this humid weather, I am loving it! It keeps my face fresh and oil-free for at least 3-4 hours and after that, I feel little oiliness in the sides of my nose. But, the freshness continues to stay on my skin and makes my skin soft.

The Good Points:

  1. Freshening.
  2. Helps cooling down the skin.
  3. Keeps skin fresh and oil-free.
  4. Instant freshness with cooling sensation.
  5. Lovely packaging.
  6. Pocket-friendly.
  7. Very good for those who stays long time outside.
  8. Great to fight summer days.

The Not-so-Good Points:

  1. Oil comes back after 3-4 hours.

My Rating: 3.9/5.

My Recommendation: If you have dry, normal, combination skin, you can definitely try this for your quick refreshing your skin. You can apply your sunscreen after using it. For oily skin, I would recommend to wipe it off with tissue after applying and continue with sunscreen. I am loving this freshener on the go, for a quick refreshment for my face. Since I have sensitive skin, I can tell it is absolutely safe to use, and after using for 3 weeks straight twice a day, it never broke me out or anything else for that matter. So, give this a try this summer!

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