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Nivea Pure & Natural Camomile & Calendula Lip Balm for Sensitive Lips Review: UPDATED

This Valentine's Day, I participated in Nivea's contest and won 6 lip balms as the prize and yes I was way too excited to win those lovely products! I have sensitive skin and our lips are far more sensitive than our facial skin as per skin experts. So, I thought this lip balm has to be first one (among the other six lip balms I have won) for me to try and review for you guys!

Product Description: The innovative formula of Nivea Pure & Natural with Hydra IQ and camomile and calendula extracts protects your sensitive lips, ensuring softer and healthier lips.

  • Soothes sensitive lips with mild care.
  • 100% free of preservatives.
  • With certified shea butter and natural ingredients/
  • Provides long lasting moisture for your lips.

Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

Price & Quantity: Rs. 159 for 4.8 g.


Shelf Life: 30 months.

My Experience with Nivea Pure & Natural Camomile & Calendula Lip Balm:

Packaging: This lip balm comes in a pretty precise packaging which can be stored or put anywhere you wish. The green and white twist up pen packaging is no doubt the best as far as hygiene is concerned. Though the overall look is not too attractive, and also who goes for the look when we all want only the product to be worth trying!

Texture & Smell: The lip balm bullet is of a light green sheer shade and it give no color when applied on the lips. It smells like mint and the coolness of camomile felt instantly when first applied. The texture is thick and creamy, not at all sticky.

My Take: Since I have sensitive skin, my lips are actually bit hyper-sensitive (just like my nature! :P). So previously I have utterly loved Nivea Lip Butter and Maybelline Baby Lips, and somehow I expected this particular lip balm to be more promising. But, I did not like it so much, there are actually many reasons. Firstly, it surely makes my lips very soft and nourishing, but, it makes my lips even more sensitive. I know, this is quite hard to understand, let me try my best. What I mean to say is, when I apply this lip balm, it stays for maximum 5-6 hours on my lips, well-nourishing and moisturizing. But after that, my lips become stretchy, not chapped and gives that extreme urge to reapply. And, I am hating that feeling!

My lips are very dry and in this humid weather it becomes drier than ever. And this lip balm serves good if I reapply every 5 hours.

The good points are it cures chapped lips completely, and you might not see any chapped part in your lips if you continue using it. I am using this lip balm for the past month, and I cannot say that I am loving it, because at times, I crave for my Nivea Lip Butter!

The Good Points:

  1. Fresh and cooling lip balm.
  2. Cures chapped lips.
  3. Non-sticky.
  4. Transparent.
  5. Moisturizes and nourishes super dry lips.
  6. Stays for 5-6 hours.
  7. Good and safe for sensitive lips.

The Not-so-Good Points:

  1. Need to reapply every 5 hours for super dry lips.

My Rating: 3.75/5.

My Recommendation: I would not recommend this lip balm to extreme sensitive skin or extreme dry skin ladies. But, if you want cooling lip balm with good staying power and nourishing treatment, you can try this one. But, still now, Nivea Lip Butter is my most favorite! :P

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