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How to Look Fresh in Summer Days: Tips & Tricks

It is quite hot in here and I am almost terrified to go out because a few days ago I went and fell sick, bit of sun stroke. Actually I was unprepared and had no idea the humidity level has gone this far! Anyways, there are a few tricks to stay healthy and look fresh in such days also, which I am following right now! And, today I am going to share those with you all.

Before Going Out:

Always, wear sunscreen before stepping out. Apply a gel moisturizer underneath and then apply your favorite sunscreen lotion. If you feel you skin is too greasy due to heavy sunscreen, puff a bit of compact or translucent powder over it. It will give you a dewy look while still protecting your skin.
Do not forget to apply sunscreen body lotion on your exposed body skin.

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What Else?

Wear a cotton cloth of light colors, skip deep shades especially black. The more comfortable clothes you will wear, the more you look fresh. Apply body sprays or perfumes whichever you prefer. Always wear UV-protected sunglasses and also scarf and hat will look very lady-like and fashionable if you want further protection. I see women or even girls covering their whole face with scarf leaving on the place for sunglasses, that is indeed a good idea if you are ready to bear the sweating. I sweat a lot, and excessive sweating leads to prickly heats or rashes. You choose your way of protection.

What To Carry in Bag:

Firstly, a water bottle which can keep cool water for the longest time. These are very helpful and even if the water starts to lose its coolness, buy a cool mineral water bottle and refill yours. Cool water will be your life saver.
Keep your sunscreen lotions handy in bag, in case of sever sweating, you will need to reapply.
Put a good quality facial wipes' pouch in your bag.
Compact powder, kohl, lip balm and lipstick should also be in your bag.
A wide tooth comb to deal with occasional tangling of hairs.
Aloe vera gel moisturizer.
Hand-held fans. (this helps to stop my face from sweating and messing with my makeup)
Fresh fruits like grapes or apples has high hydration values in it. So, always keep fruits in your bag.

How To Look Fresh Instantly:

When the temperature is 40 degree outside, it drains all your energy and leave you looking tired, pale and dehydrated. Firstly, take water every half an hour to keep your body hydrated and healthy, also possibly stronger to fight against the weather.
Now, take out your wipes and wipe off your face. Choose a refreshing aloe or cucumber wipes for this purpose as it will help cool down any inflammation due to getting sun tan.
Apply the aloe gel moisturizer and then re-apply your sunscreen, top it with your compact powder.
If you want, refresh your lipstick and kohl for the eyes. And, within minutes, you will look as fresh as you have taken a beautiful SPA!
Re-apply your body spray and do not forget your sunglasses and umbrella before steeping out in the sun again.

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Random Tips:

  • Do not eat spicy food while you are out.
  • Opt for coconut water or chilled fruit juice for instant refreshing.
  • Do not stand or roam under direct sunlight for a long period, always carry umbrella.
  • After reaching home or office do not rush into freezer and drink chilled water. Either wait for a few minutes or drink chilled water mixed with plain water.
  • Apply aloe gel (either direct from leaf or after keeping it n freezer for 2-3 days) on your face, neck and hands. It will cool down your sun tan help in reducing.
  • Put a chilled cucumber slice on your eyes and relax for 15 minutes before start working.
  • Do your CTM (cleansing-toning-moisturizing) regime religiously.
  • Eat watermelon, grapes, papaya for healthier looking skin.
  • Wash your face with splashes of water 3-4 times a day.
  • Normal water intake for an adult is between 8-10 glasses a day, I suggest during summer, increase it to at least 12 glasses a day to keep your body and skin healthy.
So, be prepared and stay healthy my dears... until next time..xoxo

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