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Spinz Perfumed Deo Bodyspray Black Magic & Rejuve Review:

I have finally moved on from Yardley Fragrances which I loved and obsessed for more than 2-3 years! Now I am on testing mode, as I am trying different body sprays to find my perfect one. Recently I have reviewed Engage Body Spray in Blush and today I am going to review two body sprays from Spinz. Well, I bought the Spinz Perfumed Deo Bodyspray Black Magic and a 50 ml trial pack of Spinz Perfumed Deo Bodyspray Rejuve was free with it.

Price: Rs. 170 for 150 ml.

Shelf Life: 2 years.

Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol 45% w/w, Butane, Isobutane, Propane, Perfume, Diethylphthalate 1% w/w, Propylyn Glycol, Triclosan.

My Experience With Spinz Perfumed Deo Bodyspray Black Magic:

Packaging: This body spray comes in a medium sized black tin bottle. The overall look of the body spray is quite chic. The cap and the bottle is sturdy and the spray is also easy to press. The spray was sealed so, when I bought it I was thinking why it was so hard to spray, but then I looked closely and saw it was sealed. Silly me!

Smell: This body spray is little bit musky as described by the brand, yet it has that girly fragrance in it. It has a floral and addictive scent which leads my senses to describe it as a mystic fragrance and yet very lady-like.
This body spray is very concentrated and as a result, only two spray in each underarm is enough. The smell is not at all over powering, and it does not leave your family members nearly fainted after applying it and roaming in the house! After applying it leaves only a floral, lovely scent lingering in my body.

Staying Power: I do not apply body spray directly on my skin as I have super-sensitive skin. I always apply it on my clothes. During summer, I sweat a lot and the best part of this fragrance is, it survives excessive sweating and also controls body odor completely.
In summer days like we have now in Kolkata, it stays well and working for more than 10 hours, including the outside journey!
But, since I am reviewing this product, I needed to test it in every way, so I once applied it directly on to my underarms and after nearly 12-13 hours, I noticed there was no body odor at all in spite of all my sweating and I was smelling really fresh.

My Experience With Spinz Perfumed Deo Bodyspray Rejuve:

Packaging: This body spray comes in a red chic packaging. Again the packaging is travel-friendly and also handy to carry in handbags easily.

Smell: Rejuve smells like awesomely perfumed fragrance that you might get while passing by Chanel or Estee Lauder ETD stores in malls. Not all of us can afford Chanel perfumes and spend nearly 13K on that!
It smells like little bit of floral and fruity with orange and rose and everything with awesome fragrances. The reason I liked it better than Black Magic is it way more concentrated and perfumed. This smell is very girly and desirable.

Staying Power: This body spray claims for 24 hours staying power, and I think to some extent that's true. Now, if you are bold enough to spray it on the skin directly, it will stay for 24 hours or more even after the usual sweating summer days. But, if you spray it on the clothes, you might not get the 24 hours staying power, but you will definitely get at least 13-14 hours of beautifully perfumed yourself.

Which One to Choose?
If you like mild floral fragrances with a musky tone, go for Spinz Perfumed Deo Bodyspray Black Magic. And if you like sweet girly and nice perfumed body sprays go for Spinz Perfumed Deo Bodyspray Rejuve. My personal favorite is the later as I am in love with this smell and I am may be addicted to it now! Both are long lasting and girly, perfumed body spray and you can give them a try.

My Rating: 
Spinz Perfumed Deo Bodyspray Black Magic- 4/5.
Spinz Perfumed Deo Bodyspray Rejuve- 4.7/5.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Got product delivery in time. service is very good. Lasting deo. Smell is smooth. Not too strong not too mild. Will order again.


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