Sunday, 16 March 2014

Skin Care and Hair Care Tips for Holi:

Holi is here! Some places, today is holi like in West Bengal, but in other places today is Choti Holi and tomorrow is the main Holi. Are you ready for this year’s Holi blast? I am sure you are. But poor me, my sensitive skin does not permit me to have fun with colors! But the problem does not stay with only sensitive skin, the chemicals and impure things in colors are very dangerous for our skin.

What You Need To Expect:
Well, if you are concerned about your skin that does not mean your friends who will be hiding and jumping in front of you out of nowhere will also be! So, even if you have bought expensive herbal gulal and colors, you hardy can convince everyone around you to use only that. But, it is worth a try! So, what you need is protection!

How to Protect?
First of all, forget makeup, I know after seeing Deepika ‘Balam Pichkari’, we all want to look as good as her with tiny hot pant and open wavy hair with a subtle makeup. But, that is just way too risky darling, I mean, wearing hot pant is like getting more colors on body! And imagine how long you will have to spend in shower to remove it! So, no makeup and also no shorts! Wear at least knee length pants, and tops (not your favorite ones though!). Applying oil on the body and face is an old trick but say what, that is also the best trick!

Can’t decide which oil you should apply? No, not mustard oil, you will get horribly tan and the colors will also get through it. Apply olive oil on every exposing part before getting out of the house or in fact out of your room (traitors are everywhere darling! Think brothers or sisters!).
And about your hair? Ok, let me tell you one thing, hair is the most precious ornament that you have so, it need more protection. Apply coconut oil in your hair and in large proportions! If you love your hair a little more than usual, make a bun and cover it with a scarf! Trust me, you need this.

And with all this how to look like Deepika? Oh come on! We are girls, and we know how to look like a diva! Not with makeup, but with style and attitude my darling!

The Post Period:
Keep one thing also in mind, have fun and blast but not for too long. You want or not “only gulal” never works our friends and neighbors, so staying in wet clothes and letting the deep colors sit in your skin has no good points for you. Get the hell out and run to your house as soon as possible like in 2 hours or so! First thing you should do is to go to kitchen and grab handful of baking soda and go to shower and stand under it for long 20 minutes to wash all the colors. Then, carefully apply the baking soda rub it in your scalp. Don’t worry, it is absolutely safe and works as dry shampoo. It will soak the dirt and help you clean. Now, apply shampoo and wash hair twice for a squeaky clean head. Now, apply face wash and body wash to clean the rest of you.

If you are too tired then after a few hours, use your favorite scrub to scrub away all the impurities from you facial skin. It will also help you clear the colors. You can do this while taking bath or you can also do it later if you have a bit sensitive skin. Then follow your normal CTM routine.
And to deal with really stubborn colors use tender coconut water as many time as you can. Keep it in refrigerator and apply frequently, it works great to clear out any stains or marks.

You Got Rashes?
It is quite natural as the colors and gulals are not skin-friendly always. If you see any redness or rashes, do not use much soap or scrub as it can worsen the condition. Take a bowl and pour two tablespoons of oats and mix it with either milk or water. Make a paste and apply it on the rashes and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. You can apply this paste again and again with 3-4 hours gap. It will help the area to cool down and cure the rashes. Apply anti-septic creams before going to bed.

Now, enough of serious facts; keep the important things in mind and have loads and loads of fun tomorrow. I wish you all a very happy Holi and stay healthy darlings…

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