Saturday, 8 March 2014

Pink Eye Makeup Step by Step Tutorial: Women's Day Special

Happy women's day to all!

Why this tutorial is Women day special, because its pink! Get it? We like pink the most! Anyways, pink is that one shade goes with white, off white, beige and of course pink dresses. So, to celebrate Women's Day, let's paint our eyes pink!

There is one picture of the step by step tutorial with numbers on it. I have explained each step with the same numbers for your convenience.

Step by Step Tutorial:

Sorry about the different lighting, I have no clue why this happened!

1. Firstly, apply base makeup and primer on the eye lids. Then shape your eye brows and apply a brown eye brow pencil.
2. Next, apply kohl in the upper and lower waterlines.
3. Now, lets get started. Apply a shimmery baby pink eye shadow in the inner corner of your eyes and to the half of you lids.
4. Now, apply a pinkish orange shade right in the outer edge of your eyes, making a V.
5. Then, take take the same baby pink shimmery shade and apply it on all over the lids.
6. Blend the eye shadows well.
7. Now, take a shimmery deep pink shade and apply it only on the crease area.
8. Again blend the shadow well.
9. Finally, apply eyeliner, mascara. Also, apply the baby pink shimmery shadow under the black liner in the lower lid.

The Final Look:

Now, this does not look that complicated, I know, because it is not one! I hope, I have explained it correctly and if you are planning in trying this, please let me know how was your experience with it and how you have rocked it. I hope you find this tutorial helpful and if you have any request or suggestions, I am all ears..
See you soon guys..xoxo

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