Saturday, 1 March 2014

Oriflame March 2014 Catalogue, Offers & Discounts:

Celebrate Woman's Day with Oriflame this year! Because, for March, it is their theme. And to celebrate womanhood, Oriflame is launching a whole lot of new products that you will be tempted to try!

New Launches:

The Optimals range has now a bunch of new products. As some products from this range was discontinued last month, the new replacements are here with recharged and better composition.

All these Optimals new launches are available at 25-30 % off.

Very Me launches a new range of wet and dry eye shadows! I loved the idea of this one!

Essentials has this new fairness body lotion to fight this summer with ugly tanning!

For men, there is a new after shave lotion to refresh and moisturize the face.

Now, the most exciting new launch, which is the drop shaped 'Color Drop Lipsticks'. Practically I am waiting for this range since February!

Again, launching price is at 30% available!

The Offers:

The Milk and Honey Gold shower cream and body scrub are available with special offer of 35% off! Both, at Rs. 599!

Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Foundation, Loose Powder & Mascara are available at 30 % discount.

If you are keen about your well-kept beautiful nails, take a look at this offer!

Oriflame Beauty Perfect Blush is now available at 20 % discount!

Oriflame Beauty Perfecting Primer is available with 30 % off.

Summer is coming and nothing looks stylish than a simple makeup with a touch if gloss for your different moods!

Very Me Mood Lip Gloss at amazing price!

Keep your skin healthy and young, try this face wash.

Here are some products with discounts:

So, what are you waiting for guys? Start making you lists..
See you soon..xoxo

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