Friday, 28 March 2014

LUX White Impress Body Wash Review:

I always prefer body washes/ gels over soaps. And, there might be a good amount of body washes that I have tried so far and I might not recall all the names also! Anyways, when I went to Big Bazaar last time, I was only browsing if anything could catch my eyes, and something did! I saw this LUX White Impress Body Wash and I added it to my cart; and today I am going to review it!

Product Description: Pour a petal size drop of this unique secret, and gently lather with a pouf. Indulge day after day, and discover precious, fairer and smoother skin- a treasure you never knew before.

Price & Quantity: Rs. 70 for 125g.



Shelf Life: 30 months.

My Experience with LUX White Impress Body Wash:

Packaging: I loved the mini bottle packaging of this body wash which is very convenient for carrying. The white lovely bottle is very sturdy and has a flip cap on top. I got the loofah free with this body wash and it is very soft and dense.

Texture & Smell: This body wash is very rich and creamy yet not so thick in consistency. It has tiny red particles in it, which I could not feel but only see. The creamy texture gets spread on skin very well but, it lacks lathering foam. It requires only bit amount of water to lather well, and even after lathering it is very creamy and smooth, less foamy.

I love its smell, it has a lovely perfumed girly fragrance in it. It lingers on  my body and also in my bathroom for the longest time.

My Take: The best part of this body wash, other than its beautiful smell is its  main job i.e. cleaning. It cleans my skin very precisely and no oil or dirt stays after washing my body with it. Also, though it has very creamy texture and it lathers well, it also gets washed off very quickly. No slippery film or oiliness leaves behind once I stand under the shower, and everything gets washes off within 30 seconds. I mean, how useful it can be when I am in hurry!

There is no whitening of the skin after using this as regular basis but there is some visible changes. My skin became really soft and supple than before. The rough areas like around the knees or my legs and elbows become really soft and smooth which were not tamable no matter how much I would apply body oils or body butters. To know the core result, I stopped using body lotion on my legs, and after using this body wash for 2 weeks now, my skin has become very nice and velvety smooth even on the rough areas.
It leaves my skin with no oiliness or even extreme dryness though my semi-dry body skin feels just a tiny bit stretchy but for summer day, it feels okay.

The Good Points:

  • Rich and creamy.
  • Cleans well.
  • Washes off quickly without leaving a trace.
  • Does not leave skin super stretchy.
  • Smells very nice, perfumed.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easily available.
  • Makes skin soft and smooth after regular use.

The Not-so-Good Points:

  • No whitening effect.
  • Needs lotion after wash for extreme dry skin.

My Rating: 3.9/5.

Recommendation: If you have rough and semi-dry skin, you can try this body wash to work for smoothness. If you have non-dry skin, you can definitely try this body wash, it might not contribute in whitening the skin but it will surely make your skin soft, smooth and supple after regular use. You will also love the smell and creamy texture of this body wash.

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