Thursday, 27 March 2014

Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash Review:

Experimenting with various face washes and discovering which one to use when has become my hobby now and I should warn you that in future, you might see a lot of face washes reviews here. Anyways, my today's face wash review is of Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash.

Product Description: Effectively cleanses while replenishing moisture deep down for beautiful conditioned skin. Contains NutriumMoisture, a nourishing beauty serum that replenishes skin from deep within giving it a beautiful bounce.

Price & Quantity: Rs. 90 for 50g.

Usage Direction: Mix a small amount with water in the palm of your hand and rub into lather. Massage gently onto wet skin. Rinse thoroughly. Use daily.


Shelf Life: 2 years.

My Experience with Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash:

Packaging: This face wash comes in a slim and chic medium size white tube with a blue flip cap at the bottom. The precise size of this face wash is very useful for carrying it in purse and also travel-friendly.

Texture & Smell: As other Dove face washes, this face wash also has this very rich and creamy thick consistency. The texture is very thick and thus while mixing with water, it lathers very well and creates a foamy texture.
It smells very nice, like a good perfume and it also has the refreshing smell in it.

My Take:
This face wash cleans my face very nicely, without leaving any traces of dirt or oil. It also cleans up oily kajal marks under eyes and sticky lip glosses. And, the most relieving part of this face wash is, no slippery film and washes off real quick.

After washing my face, the feeling is amazing, as there are no oil at all and also it does not make me skin dry. So, no stretchy or oily feeling, that is just perfect for summer days! I have combination skin with T-zone oily and after 4-5 hours though I feel problem areas become oily again.

It instantly brightens up my face and makes my face really soft and I cannot believe I am going to say 'bouncy'! Actually, there are only a few products that actually delivers the result they claim, and this face wash is maybe one of them. I love the after affect it leaves on my skin, soft, smooth and bouncy.

The Good Points:
  • Easily available.
  • Affordable.
  • Cleans very well.
  • No traces of dirt or oil after washing.
  • Lathers well.
  • No slippery film after wards.
  • Leaves skin really soft, smooth and bouncy.
  • Does not feel stretchy or dry after wash.
  • Keeps skin balanced in moisture.

The Not-so-Good Points:
  • Stings my eyes.

My Rating: 4.9/5.

My Recommendation: My combination-sensitive skin loves this face wash and also the after wash feeling when I do not need to rush to my moisturizer or cream. It keeps my skin well balanced in moisture and leaves it soft and smooth. This will be great for everyday use as well as for your to go face wash especially for summer days. Dry skin beauties may need a serum or gel at least after this.

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