Monday, 17 March 2014

Colorful Nail Art Tutorial: Happy Holi

Holi is the most colorful festival in India or probably in World! We play with colors and have fun with friends and family and neighbors. Personally I don’t play Holi for my skin conditions and I miss it really bad. Anyways, today I would play Holi with nail paints, and yes, another nail art tutorial.

Things You Will Need:
Neutral nail paint.
5 different nail paints.
Q-tip and remover.
A small straw.
Top coat.

Colorful Nail Art Step by Step Tutorial:

Firstly, clean your nails with nail paint remover.

Next, apply the neutral nail paint all over the nails, apply two coats.

Here comes the fun part, take the straw and in one end put a drop of one nail paint and make sure at least one centimeter of the straw is full with nail paint. Now place the straw on the nail and give a blow on the other end of the straw. The nail paint will come out on the nails and look like some ant had thrown paint balls on your nail, cool eh?

Now, be childlike and paint anywhere in your nails and as many colors as you want! I have done fuchsia, green, purple, yellow and blue color.

You do not have to be perfect or particular about any pattern, just go crazy and blow paints.
Finally, you will need Q-tip and remover to clean up the mess around your nails as blowing can be little dirty.

And, finish off this nail art with a top coat! Voila, Holi!!!

Painting nails according to different occasions are definitely a trendy thing. So, why don’t you amaze everyone around you with this super easy and colorful nail art?

Do give this a try and when you are done, do let me know how beautifully you have done it and how many compliments you got!

See you soon..xoxo and by the way, HAPPY HOLI…

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