Sunday, 23 March 2014

Bright Summer Nails Nail Art Tutorial:

Although calling these nail paints only bright would be a mistake as they are actually neon shades. I was instantly drawn to buy these two shades when I laid my glance at it and until I came home and already posted pictures of the nail shades I did not notice how it would look on me! I am not as fair as Kareena Kapoor or even as pale as Edward Cullen! Anyway, I liked these shades and no thought of embarrassment could stop me from applying these on my nails! So, as usual, I am here with neon nails nail art tutorial!

Things You Need:

  • Two neon shade nail paints. (nail art bottle not necessary)
  • Black nail paint/ nail art bottle.
  • Top coat nail paint.
  • Remover & Q-tip.

Bright Summer Nails Nail Art Step by Step Tutorial:

First, clean your nails.

Now, take one neon shade nail paint and start applying it from the roots of your nails and stop right in the middle. Now, you do not need to be precise or clear cut in this step, as being inaccurate would look more artistic!
I have used a bright pink neon shade in this step, you can choose any shade.

Now, take the other neon shade and very carefully fill up the rest of your nails. Since, we did not have a clear cut ending line in the previous step, the second neon shade should also be filled that way.

While the nail paints are drying, remove the excess from the area around your nails with Q-tips soaked in remover.

Then, take the black nail art bottle and start putting dots on all over the nails. If you do not have nail art bottle, you can do the same with a bobby pin dipped in the black nail paint.

When done, let it dry and after 5 minutes, apply top coat. Done.

How easy it was? I know, a kid also can do it, right! That's my style...
I have always been intrigued by nail arts and it felt like pain not being able to do it. So, to accomplish this fine art, I started doing applying my own tricks, which makes it really easy and very doable for all.

This summer, go neon and try this nail art and if you do, do not forget to let me know how beautifully you have done it!

Stay happy and stay stylish...xoxo

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