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8 Oriflame Pure Color Lipsticks Swatches:

I am totally a lipstick junkie, especially for budget-friendly brands. Oriflame has different ranges of lipsticks and among all, Pure Color range is my favorite. Till now, I have gathered 8 Oriflame Pure Color Lipsticks in my vanity and my target is to collect them all, may be someday!

Today, I am going to swatch these 8 shades and do a mini review on them all in case you are looking for budget-friendly good lipsticks.


Oriflame Pure Color Intense Fabulous Fuchsia (30822)
Oriflame Pure Color Intense Cherry Compote (26655)
Oriflame Pure Color Intense Daring Berry (26657)
Oriflame Pure Color Blush Pink (26270)
Oriflame Pure Color Bright Red (26271)
Oriflame Pure Color Coral Rose (21141)
Oriflame Pure Color Vintage Rose (23546)
Oriflame Pure Color Vintage Nude (21155)

Oriflame Pure Color Intense Lipsticks:

These lipsticks are little bit more concentrated and pigmented than the usual Oriflame Pure Color range and that is the reason I love them. Fabulous fuchsia is a bright fuchsia shade with magenta undertones. This shade is not at all shocking or bright, it is quite dark in shade. and in my opinion, would look amazing on medium to fair skin tone. (Read full review here.)
Cherry Compote is a dark magenta shade with pinkish undertones. This shade is quite similar to Fabulous Fuchsia, expect this one has very little touch of pink. This is a dark winter-shade, and not many can pull this shade off.

Daring Berry shade is a lovely shade of MLBB, but a bit darker. It is a mauve shade with brown bases. This shade will suit probably each skin tones and this one is one of my favorite! (Read full review here)

Oriflame Pure Color Lipsticks:

I love bright pink lipsticks, and Blush Pink is one of them. It has a lovely pink shade with balmy texture to keep lips moisturized. This shade will suit all skin tones, as it has very soft and neutral tone to it. (Read full review here)

Bright Red is totally my type of shades, as it is bright red and yet not too popping or shocking. It has coral undertones, yet very wearable for medium to fair skin tones.
Coral Rose is slightly shimmery, coral-ish neutral shade. I know, I have made it very complicated, let me explain. This is a coral lipstick with mild shimmers and the coral is not at all orange, it has a rose or neutral tone in it. This is a perfect lipstick for casual wear for all skin tones.
Vintage Rose and Vintage Nude are quite similar, the first one is pinkish neutral shade and the later is pure creamy neutral shade. Both is very wearable and suitable for Indian skin tone. (Read full review here)

What To Like:
I love the purely pigmented formula of these lipsticks.
These lipsticks are very soft and creamy to glide on.
It keeps the lips balanced in moisture for long time.
Very budget-friendly.
Easy to carry around, even in pockets or small purses.

What Could Have Been Better:
I would prefer a long-lasting formula, it stays for only 4-5 hours.

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  1. Artikel yang bagus yach
    Lipstik Matte orfilame menarik untuk dipakai yach, banyak produknya yang bagus untuk dipakai seperti pure skin oriflame yang dapat menghilangkan jerawat, dan harganya terjangkau seperti Harga Sunblock yang diproduksinya pun terjangkau, dan alat Alat yang rekomended yach skinpro dari oriflame harganya murah jika dibandingkan dengan yang lainnya....
    Terima kasih artikelnya,,,,


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