Thursday, 13 February 2014

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash Review:

Ever since that advertise has started showing on television about intimate wash and care products, I have been quite sincere about giving a thought about it. And, I also have tried a few different brands. Recently, I was sent this new Everteen Natural Intimate Wash, I have used it for a week or, and today I am going to review about it.

Product Description: Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is scientifically  designed to promote body's natural vaginal balance and maintain complete vaginal hygiene.

Antimicrobial properties of 100 % natural active ingredients of Everteen inhibits bacterial growth causing vaginal infection, unpleasant odour and irritation.
Daily use of everteen helps in preventing infection and gives relief from constant itching or burning in vaginal area.

Ingredients: Ficus Glomarata, Butea Frondosa, Sphatica, Aloevera.

Price & Quantity: Rs. 180 for 105 ml.

Direction of Use: 
  • Wash you hands.
  • Wet external vaginal area.
  • Pour enough quantity of Everteen Natural Intimate Wash onto palm.
  • Apply externally on the vaginal area.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Use Everteen Natural Intimate Wash twice daily during morning shower and at night before sleep.

My Experience with Everteen Natural Intimate Wash:

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash comes in a medium size clear bottle with a flip top cap. The pink cap is quite girly, I think. The packaging is leak-proof and very sturdy, hence, travel friendly.
The product is a thick gel type liquid. Only a pea size amount is enough for each use. It lathers up really well and washes the area clean.
Now, the thing I liked the most is the smell, it has a very mild floral scent. The other intimate wash I have used before has a shaving cream like smell! So, in comparison, it smells very beautiful; though the smell does not linger or overpower.

It does not leave any slippery film, rinse off also very well.

I have been using it daily once for a week now, and I must say, I am loving it. I has a visible effect like, it keeps the area clean, feels no irritation. Within just two wash, I fell in love with this. Though, I did judge this by its simple appearance, but after using, it actually changed my point of view.
Also there is a letter type pamphlet about how to use it and useful tips about intimate care and hygiene.

The Good Points:
  1. Cleans well.
  2. Lathers and rinses off well.
  3. Keeps the area problem free and hygienic.
  4. Affordable.
  5. Easily available, also online.
  6. Smells good.
  7. Visible difference after 2 washes.
  8. Travel friendly, sturdy packaging.
  9. Mild and gentle to my skin.

The Not-so-Good Points:
  1. Full ingredients list is missing.
My Rating: 4.9/5.

Final Words: I loved Everteen Natural Intimate Wash and since I have previously used other brands, I can tell this is more effective that the others. It also smells very nice while doing it's actual job with par excellence. I would definitely recommend this to all of you to try at least once, I believe you will also love it.


  1. this sounds like a great product girlie! I'll surely give this a try!

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