Sunday, 2 February 2014

Colorful Hearts Nail Art: Easy Nail Art Tutorial

This is the 100th article in this blog, and I am as psyched as I should be! Though I have been in an accident today with no major injury though, yet I am feeling awesome! I started this blog 6 months ago and I was not even serious about it. Then eventually I became this blogger zombie with working day and night to click pictures, write articles, editing them and publishing them on time! But, I loved this journey...

So, today I am going to show you guys a very simple nail art which is very relevant in this love season, Colorful Hearts Nail Art.

Things you will need:

  • A black nail paint.
  • A black nail art bottle.
  • Five different colors of nail paint or nail art bottle.
  • Top coat.
  • A bobby pin or nail art tool.
  • Q-tip and nail paint remover.

Step by Step Tutorial:

Firstly, clean your nails.

Then, right in the middle of your nails draw outlines of a heart. Keep it blank. You can use the nail art bottle
for a better application or you can also use nail art tools or even bobby pin to draw this.

Now, with the black nail paint, cover the blank space on the nails from the heart portion to the tips, keeping the hearts blank.

The best part starts now, you need to color the hearts one by one but very carefully. You can choose any shade or even only red or any one shade. I have used fuchsia, green, yellow, purple and orange. With a bobby pin, very carefully fill the hearts one by one.

Once you are done, you can do the outlines of the hearts one more time if you feel the need.

Now, for a neat look, carefully join the heart outline with the black nail paint filled area.

Finally, with the q-tip, remove any mistakes like I did on my thumb nail. And, then apply one or two coats of top coat for a real glossy look.

Isn't this easy? I know! This is a very funky nail art and if you do it with only red hearts, it would look very classy also.

So, why don't you guys try this nail art with your favorite shades?
And, do not forget to let me know how much you liked it!
See you soon guys! xoxo


  1. wow Superb! <3
    I am gonna try now :)

  2. This looks super cute <3 & congrats on the 100th article :) way to go girl <3

  3. Wow. ..very grgs..congratulations sweetie ..

    My recent one :

  4. It's too cute!!! <3
    many congratulations dear!! <3

  5. wow I love it! such beautifully done! so so so gorgeous!


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