Saturday, 4 January 2014

Oriflame More by Demi Deodorising Body Spray Review:

Is it really weird that I only possess body sprays and no perfumes or EDT!? Well, yes that is true, I somehow get drawn to body sprays I don't know why. But I would be lying if I say I am never interested in perfumes. I do like them but I find them a bit OTT where body sprays are much tamed. Today, I am going to review my recently bought Oriflame More by Demi Deodorising Body Spray.

Product Description: Sensual body spray infused with the original floral notes of More by Demi. Perfect for misting all over.

Price & Quantity: Rs. 198 for 75 ml.

Oriflame Code: 24457.

My Experience with Oriflame More by Demi Deodorising Body Spray:

Packaging: Firstly, this body spray comes in a elegant off white with copper combination packaging which I find very nice. Since, it is a 75 ml bottle, the size is also very compact and fits my handbag very easily.

Smell: Have you ever wanted a perfume or mist in form of body spray? Well, Oriflame might have read your mind! Yes, this absolutely smells like a mist or EDT.

The smell is bit floral but also very sensual or appealing. A perfect mixture of both girly and hawt. But, I feel this smell is also strong like EDT or mists. So, if you are not fond of strong perfumes, this might bother you.

My Take: Actually, I do not like strong perfumes, they give me headache this one does too if I sniff the cap. But, while wearing, it is very mild not at all overpowering or even barely there types. But the best part is, it lingers on me like a lovely smell and it's beautiful smell makes me feel like a princess (I know I am imagining too much, but that's how I feel!).
Though, I am not at all happy with the staying power. The sweet smell of this body spray lingers on my skin for about 7-8 hours and on my clothes (yes, I most of the time use body sprays as clothes spray) for about 3-4 hours and that is not impressive.

Final Verdict: Well, to sum up, if you want a sweet, floral & sensual body spray, go for it. But, if you want a long-lasting, musky body spray, then skip it.

The Good Points:

  1. Sweet smell, very girly.
  2. Floral & sensual, both.
  3. Affordable.
  4. Stays on skin for average time.

The Not-so-Good Points:

  1. Not long-lasting.
  2. Only available via Oriflame consultants.

My Rating: 3/5.

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  1. Looks good, will order it this month.

  2. I dont like reapplying perfume so i want long lasting but for the price its a nice product!

    1. Yea, true also the nice fragrance compensates for the lasting fault. :P

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