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Oriflame January 2014 Catalog: Offers, Discounts & New Launches

The first catalogue of 2014 is here and as it is the first month of this new year, I know all are excited to see the offers as I am! Anyways, there are really some great offers as well as new launches so, spare yourself a couple of minutes and take a look.

New Launches:

The long awaited Oriflame BB cream is finally available to all. Yes, much late but better late than never. Almost all cosmetics brand have BB or CC creams and now Oriflame does too. Now, what makes it different? It has SPF (oh shut up, all BBs have!), no wait, it is allergy-tested (perfect for me, as I am allergenic to SPF)!

Oriflame Skin Dream BB Cream SPF 30- Price- Rs. 599 (This month Rs. 399).

A new range of limited edition fragrance is also available in three variants and all are really heavenly!

Aimi Heavenly Blossom Fine Fragrance Mist- Price- Rs. 699 (This month Rs. 525).

Aimi Whispering Breeze Fine Fragrance Mist- Price- Rs. 699 (This month Rs. 525).

Aimi Mystic Caress Fine Fragrance Mist- Price- Rs. 699 (This month Rs. 525).

There is another limited edition skin care range in Pure Nature. A range of face wash, face cream & eye gel with the goodness of fruits.

Pure Nature Pear & Nectarine Face Cream- Price- Rs. 379 (This month Rs. 285).
Pure Nature Pear & Nectarine Face Wash- Price- Rs. 329 (This month Rs. 259).
Pure Nature Pear & Nectarine Eye Gel- Price- Rs. 249 (This month Rs. 219).

Discounts & Offers:

Now, about the discounts and offers on products this month. There are 20% - 30% off on most of the anti-aging products including creams and gels.

Oriflame Beauty eye lash curler, wonder lash mascara and eye definer pens have 30% off this month which is quite tempting.

Also, Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist lipsticks and lip liners have 40% off!!! Now, that's what I am talking about!

Fancy luxury cosmetics? Get four awesome shades of Oriflame Giordani Gold Jewel Lipsticks at only Rs. 519 instead of Rs. 649!

Dusky Nude, Mauve Dream, Cerise Pink & Plum Desire- Rs. 519 each.

Also, 25% off on Giordani brush, pressed powder & mascara.

Oriflame Milk & Honey range has these lovely hair mask & body cream, which are now available at 15% off!

There are also various offers on foundations, concealers and even on More by Demi nail polishes!

Such a colorful page, innit?


20% off!!!

These are last time items, if you want them, grab 'em!

30% off, and you are on my list!

Steal deal!

I <3 these little buds!

These, often attract me!
So, hell lot of discounts and offers right? Are you planning a big list or just a tiny list? Whichever it is, just do not miss them! I have already made my list!

See you soon, xoxo...

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