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Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner Black Review, Swatches, EOTDs & GIVEAWAY:

Happy New Year! Finally, 2014 is here. Wish you all a very happy and lovely 2014!

Now, were you all as much excited to try the new launch of Oriflame, Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner as I was? Probably yes, or not! But trust me, I was literally counting days for it! Now, that it is here inside my palm, I feel joy, sheer joy! But, the question is does it worth my anticipation, we will have to find that out, I guess!

Product Description: Get the precise line of a liquid liner in a gel with this professionally developed eye liner. Long-wearing intense colour and even coverage that stays put for up to 24H. Slanted brush applicator included for flawless precision.

Price & Quantity: Rs. 449 for 3 g. (Offers are available)

Oriflame Code: 26531.

My Experience with Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner Black:

Packaging: This gel eye liner comes in a small cute box and inside there is a small round pot containing eye liner and a brush, the smallest eye liner brush I have ever seen.

The pot is perhaps made of glass and that somehow worries me that I might break it someday as I am for that matter very clumsy! Well, it is not my complaint about the glass container but, it is definitely about the tinnie tiny brush! The brush is super soft yet firm to draw lines, straight lines! But, its tiny figure may cause me some headache as I might lose it.

Texture & Pigmentation: The texture of this gel liner is really smooth. It has matte finish, which I like personally. The pigmentation is I would say rather average, as on first swipe it looks bit dull but when added layers on, it looks just perfect. The pigmentation is also smudge-proof to some point, yes I have tested it, only vigorously rubbing can take away the half of the pigmentation.
One swipe
After adding layers on

In the Oriflame catalog, it is instructed to use as lash filler which makes lashes and also eyes look bigger. So, I did it too and voila, it works! And, it was this time when I silently apologized for my previous complaints about the tiny brush as its very precise and tiny existence makes it easier to do several works like lash filling.

Staying Power: Well, staying power is I would say good. It stays on my semi-oily lids for maximum 7-8 hours which is pretty good. But, it does not stay intact on my water line, after 3 hours, I could see they are fading. When, Oriflame is claiming 24 hours staying power, I think they should work on that a little more. But, then, on lids and lash line it stays for a good period of time.

My Take: Well, the staying power could be improved a little bit and then this might be a HG for many of us. For me, this is just enough, good pigmentation, nice satin smooth, matte finish and a trusted brand, what else could I ask for? Actually, I loved this and all my waiting and counting days are totally fair!


After 3 hours, notice the waterline...

The Good Points:

  • Precise packaging, can fit in even tiny purse.
  • Provided tiny applicator, which is very soft and precise.
  • Nice pigmentation.
  • Smudge-proof to some extent.
  • Can be used as liner, lash filler and brow filler.
  • Stays for 7-8 hours intact.

The Not-so-Good Points:

  • Does not stay 24 hours as it has claims.

My Rating: 4.9/5.

Now, are you guys interested in trying this product? If yes, then I have a good news for you!
I am giving away Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Gel Eye Liner Black, of course a new one (not my used one!). So, if you want to win and try this gel eye liner for free, check out the GIVEAWAY DETAILS.

And, again, Happy New Year to everyone!


  1. Sounds promising! and pretty EOTD :)

  2. vow.. lovely EOTD.. this sounds good to me. nice review Arshita!!

    1. Thanks Natasha.. :D Thanks for stopping by.. <3


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