Saturday, 25 January 2014

Midnight Blue Nails and White Flowers Nail Art Picture Tutorial:

For the last year, I hardly had my nails done with a single nail paint. I just cannot resist the temptation to do nail arts even if just a flower or dots or anything. So, I bought this amazing midnight blue shade Elle 18 nail paint and wore it, then I felt little sunaa sunaa (empty) and thought of the color white and drew small white flowers in it. Now, this is very simple to do, and guess what, I have a tutorial for you (Duh)!

Products I Have Used:

  • Deep blue nail paint. (I have used Elle 18 color pops 57)
  • White nail paint/ nail art bottle.
  • Top coat.
  • Remover & Q-tips.

Step by Step Tutorial:

1. Firstly, apply the nail paint on the nails. Apply double coat for a nice coverage.

2. Then, you need to do the flowers. You can draw two of them or more and anywhere you prefer. I have done them in the root of my nails. For the flower, draw five dots forming a circle. Now, very carefully connect the dots right in the middle, and that's your flower!

3. I have done two flowers as you can see in the pictures but in no particular order.

4. Now, with the Q-tip remove if there is any mess around your nails.

5. Finally apply top coat and let dry.

This is the most simplest and easiest nail art ever possible in my opinion. And yet this never fails to attract eyes in a flash. So, if you still think nail arts are complicated or time consuming, reconsider it and try this one!
I really hope you guys like it and if you do like it, don't forget to leave your lovely comments!
Stay beautiful girls...xoxo


  1. Wow lovely Nail art Happy weekend :)

    1. Thank u so much dear! Happy weekend to u too! <3 :D

  2. Very beautiful Nail art Arshita, just like the flowers displayed on top of your blog, loved it.

  3. Very nice blue shade Arshita! Loved the nail art too! :)

  4. very pretty and easy to do!lovely!

  5. wow... very easy and beautiful tutorial!! I am definitely going to try it!! :D


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