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Just Herbs Advanced Pimple Treatment Kit Review:

A few months back I received this kit in my Vellvette Bag (now Fab Bag) and used it many times. I also got a few requests to review it, so here I am, and also sorry for the delay!

First of all, I really believe in these magic treatment packs since Ayur Herbals Neem Pack is just perfect pimple care pack for me. And, when I received this kit, I was really excited to try it. Now, let us see how it is actually.

Product Description: Need a quick fix for your acne? Try this! Developed with 100% natural ingredients after 10 years of research, the kit covers your cleansing, mask and treatment needs all under the ayurvedic umbrella. So, wherever you travel, this one's sure to give your skin TLC and a much-deserved break from chemicals!

Prices: Just Herbs Silksplash Neem-Orange Rehydrant Face Wash- Rs. 245 for 100g.
Just Herbs Ayurvedic Pimple Treatment Powder- Rs. 395 for 60g.
Just Herbs Neempure Skin Purifying Pack- Rs. 295 for 60g.

My Experience with Just Herbs Advanced Pimple Treatment Kit:

The face wash is in a thick gel type consistency. It lathers pretty well and also works as good as any other face washes. It never did anything good or bad to my skin whatsoever.

Both the packs are in powder form and it is instructed to mix with yogurt/ raw milk or lemon juice. I always prefer yogurt for me. The powders are very fine and thus takes no time to make a nice smooth paste for better application. Also, 15-20 minutes is enough for drying it off completely.

Each time I had acne, small ones, cystic ones, I applied the Pimple Treatment Powder with either yogurt or rose water and left it for about 15-20 minutes. After regular application for 2-3 days, I saw reduced acne. Whenever I feel my acnes are almost gone, I apply the neempure pack once. I used the face wash only a few times, and I am not actually happy with this one.

The kit is perfect for oily to combination skin, it does not dry out my skin or make it oily. It cures my acne after 2-3 application which I found really commendable. However, not all products works or suits all skin types, this has worked on me and you have to know that, it might or might not work for you guys.

The Good Points:
  • Reduces and cures acne.
  • Keeps skin healthy.
  • Herbal product.
  • Does not dry out my skin.
  • Skin friendly products.
The Not-so-Good Points:
  • Face wash does not do any magic.
My Rating: 3/5.

Final Verdict: I may not be happy with the face wash, but for my quick fix, that Pimple Treatment Powder is amazing! If you have acne problems, you can give this kit a try or may be just the powders.


  1. i hv oily to combo skin.. seems good to me.. nice review Arshita :)

  2. Nice review Arshita :) Nicely explained

  3. I've heard great things about Just Herbs. I'll definitely ask my sister to check this out as she still suffers from breakouts. Gorgeous pics darling!

    1. Definitely it is worth a try! Thanks a lot sweety!! <3 :D

  4. I got the same kit and face packs are really good!! :) Nice review dear.

  5. Lovely Review dear!
    Sounds like a great product for Acne..Would love to give it a try! :)

  6. Nice Review Arshita! Any other products that you recommend for people suffering from Acne?

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    1. Thanks Hetal.. Not all products suit everyone, but I would like to recommend either these face packs or Ayur Neem face pack as they work for me real well. If not, you can always count on homemade packs dear.. :) <3

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  8. After seeing d reviews gt d product...can i use rose water nd powder instead of curd nd lemon...??


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