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Himalaya Herbal Lean Tea Review:

Want to burn extra calories? We all do, right? For the past 2 years or so I have been drinking green tea almost regularly and to be honest, it does make my health little bit better and to watch my weight. Now, I have previously tasted Lipton, Twingings, Tetley and even Himalaya Green Tea; but when weeks ago when I was getting my monthly supply of green tea, I saw 'Lean Tea'! Within a second it clicked right in my brain, lean tea = weight loss! And, I bought it! So, let us see how exactly is this Lean Tea!

Product Description: Buring carbohydrate was never refreshing. Himalaya Lean Tea gives you a gentle hand-up with its special formulation. Proven to help your body burn extra calories and regularize your appetite. Go ahead, feel more gorgeous with every cup.

Price & Quantity: Rs. 95 for 10 tea bags.

Shelf Life: 3 years.

Ingredients: Vrikshamla (garcinia cambogia), Nagaramusta (Cyperus Scariosus), Guggulu (Commiphora wightii).

Direction: Immerse one tea bag in a cup of freshly boiled water. Let it stand for 3 minutes to enjoy a rejuvinating hot drink. Or, pour over ice for a refreshing iced drink. Use regularly once.

My Experience with Himalaya Herbal Lean Tea:

Packaging: If you have seen Himalaya Herbal teas, you could know that this has the same packaging, one square cartoon box, and inside 10 tea bags with a small brochure of Himalaya Herbals' other teas.
Each tea bags are sealed in separate satchels and in a very hygienic way.

Taste: Do you like green tea? If you don't, you probably gonna hate it. Though it has some refreshing taste, but I get a very bitter taste after finishing it up or when in the end it gets little cold. So, it is best to have it hot. I honestly have no problem with it's taste whatsoever, but some of my peeps really have hard time to enjoy herbal teas.
It has a refreshing taste with a bit of bitterness but however, the taste is very mild, as you can see the color of the tea is also very light. So, I guess, having just one cup of Himalaya Herbal Lean Tea per day would not be just a pain!

Result: Before I get to disclose the result it has done to me, I would like to say that I did not only take this to manage my weight. I was 56 kgs months ago and I do workout 5-6 days a week, also I take green tea everyday, also I have high metabolism (meaning, I can gain or lose weight fast). After two months of this routine I am now 54.5 kgs, and very fit. So, I cannot say that this tea only has helped my reduce my weight. My target is 52-53 kgs and I can say, I am on its way!

Final Words: If you are really to compromise a bit with your taste, you can try this Lean Tea to manage your weight with of course your healthy diet and workout routine.

My Rating: 4/5.


  1. Green tea's taste best when very hot!
    would love to taste this soon :)

  2. sounds good m definitely gonna try this!

  3. Will try..I love green tea and peach tea....

  4. would love to read about your workout routine. good going and great review :)

    1. I will definitely write abt it then! :D Thanks dear..

  5. I love drinking green tea and I'd definitely try this too!

  6. wow I really want to try this one ! well reviewed doll

  7. I take 2 cup everyday...Its surely an energy booster..would try this for sure :)

  8. i will try this definitely..
    lovely post

    my recent one :

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  10. Got it today... Waiting to taste it..😛... Can v loose weight by using this product.. ⁉

  11. Got it today... Waiting to taste it..😛... Can v loose weight by using this product.. ⁉


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