Wednesday, 25 December 2013

My Christmas Party Eye Makeup Looks & Tutorial:

Merry Christmas to you all!

Today I am back with another eye makeup tutorial! I know I am doing it little too often but what can I say, I am loving these experiments! Anyways, without wasting time, let us move on to the tutorial.

Step by Step Tutorial of My Christmas Party Eye Makeup Tutorial:

Firstly, I prepare my eye area with applying base makeup.
Then I apply Maybelline Collosal Kajal in the inner part of my upper lid to make my lashes appear bigger.
Now, I applied a semi-shimmery rose shade eye shadow just above the crease line in a wind-shield movement.
Then, I applied a shimmery chocolate shade eye shadow on the outer edge of the eye area.

I applied the same chocolate shade eye shadow, in the inner corner of my eyes also, leaving the middle portion of the upper lid blank.
Then, I applied a golden shimmery eye shadow right in the middle portion.
After blending the rose shade and also the chocolate shade a little bit, finally done with the shadow part.
I also applied a bit of rose shade in the lower lid also.

Then, I applied the Elle 18 Black Out Liner making it a bit cat eye. Also, I applied mascara and kohl to finish it off.

And, this was my Christmas Party Eye Makeup Look. Golden shades are always proper for party looks and with a touch of rose it makes a perfect combination for Christmas.

So, I hope you guys like this look, and please leave a comment letting me know your views and suggestions.

Have an awesome Christmas everyone! Ho ho ho...


  1. Thats a gorgeous tute and uve explained it sooo well!

    Ps: I love the falling snowflakes <3

  2. hey very pretty tut...well explained...<3

    one question u add the snow fall to your blog..:p

    1. Thanks Snigdha! <3
      I added a widget- check out

  3. love the colours :) I wanna add snowflakes too!

    1. Thanks and go ahead dear! heehee <3 :D

  4. It is gorgeous. <3
    PS: your eyes are similar to that of deepika padukone :)

    1. Thanks u sweetheart for the lovely comments! <3 xoxo

  5. very pretty nd wearble...loved it!

  6. Gorgeous ! Lovely Party Look you created <3

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