Friday, 20 December 2013

Easy Pop of Color Eye Makeup Tutorial: EOTD

How are you all doing this winter? I am enjoying a lot. Anyways, its been a while since I have written here, but today I came back with a simple eye makeup tutorial.

A pop of color in our eyes can do the magic and we do not have to worry about our winter makeup. This has been my philosophy since I am super lazy at times. So, today I will show you my 'Pop of color' eye makeup to go.

Step by step Tutorial for Easy Pop of Color Eye Makeup:

  • Firstly, I prep and apply my base makeup in the eye area.
  • Then, I fill my eye brows lightly.
  • To make my eyes look bigger, I apply kohl in the inner part of my upper lash line.
  • And then, I apply a slightly shimmery neutral eye shadow on the whole upper lid.

  • Now, I apply a electric blue eye pencil liner on the upper lid making it a cats eye. This is another way to make eyes bigger and dramatic, in my case I am fond of both!
  • Next, I apply a matte pink eye shadow in the lower lid just below the lashes. I applied it very lightly.
  • Then, I apply mascara on the lashes and kohl in the tight line.
  • To finish it off, I have applied a lavender eye shadow on the brow bone, to highlight it.

  • Finally, I apply some final touches, and I am done.

This eye makeup goes really well with any royal blue winter wear or just a casual shirt or top. To match this eye makeup, a pinkish neutral lipstick compliments it well. This is very easy to do and also less-time consuming. So, waking up late will not affect your diva-like image!

I hope, you guys like this eye makeup, and I can take criticisms. So, pour in your views and suggestions, I am all ears!

So, take care and I will be back you like it or not! :P


  1. Replies
    1. Thank u so much sweety! <3 Me too love blue!

  2. Nice EOTD! Lovely shade on the eye!:)

  3. wow!! so beautiful. I like such blue shade. :)
    super pretty eotd.

    1. Thanks dear, I am really glad u liked! :D :)

  4. Your eyes look very pretty loved the tutorial :)

  5. I love Blue Liners...Gorgeous EOTD Dahling!

    1. Thank u so much sweety! <3 Glad u liked! :D


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