Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Easy Christmas Nail Art Tutorial: #2

Finally, Christmas is around the corner, and everyone is busy for last moment shopping for decorations or party or even gifts! Yes, I too feel really excited for Christmas, and yet to write my letter to Santa! Anyways, today I am back with another DIY nail art idea, and here it is!

Things you will need:

  • White nail art bottle.
  • Red nail art bottle.
  • Black nail art bottle.
  • Pink nail art bottle.
  • Green nail art bottle.
  • Golden nail art bottle.
  • Top coat nail paint.
  • Remover and Q-tips.

(You can also use regular nail paints if you have nail art tools or dotting tools)

Step by Step Christmas Nail art Tutorial:

  1. Firstly, clean you nails and start with the easy parts. I have done, two Santa caps on two nails, one Christmas tree on one nail and Santa Claus's face in one nail and on the thumbnail, I have done.

  1. To make Santa caps, draw a triangle with the red nail bottle right on the nail with the pointy parts towards the roots. Give it 2 minutes to dry and the with white nail art bottle, draw a big ball on the pointy tip and just a fluffy line around the end. Leave it to dry. Make layers of this fluffy line several times to make it more cute. (You can do this on four nails also if you want.)

  1. Now, with the green nail art bottle, again draw a triangle, this time make it really edgy. Now, on the pointy tip, draw a big ball with the golden nail art. And draw little stars or just dots inside the triangle once it is dry.

  1. Next, for Santa, cover the 10% of your nail with the red nail paint from its root. Then again draw a fluffy line around the verge. Now, draw two big dots right below the fluffy line for eyes and one pink dot for nose. Finally, draw the beard, with the white nail art bottle, fill the edge of the nail and with the same fluffy technique, connect the sides of the two nails (see picture).

  1. Without a candy, Christmas nail art is incomplete, so for the thumbnail, first put a green dot right in the middle. Then, draw semi-circle lines all across the nail leaving spaces in between. Now, fill up the gaps with the white nail art bottle.

  1. Finally apply the top coats and you are done.

You can add some glitter to make it look more Christmas-y.

So, I hope you guys like this nail art and please share your views and suggestions below and let me know how are planning your Christmas!
Stay happy everyone! Lots of love...


  1. Lovely Tutorial dear!! Those Santa hats & caps are really cute :)


  2. so cute...love it...im gonna try this!


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