Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Inspired Nail Art Tutorial: #1

Christmas is almost knocking at our doors! And, after a long time, I am back with nail art, yay! I know I am not able to update my blog every day, but I promise I will do so as I have settled some things in my life. Enough of the boring talk; let us get back to the nail art!

Things you will need:

  • White nail art bottle.
  • Red nail art bottle.           
  • Black nail art bottle.
  • Golden nail paint.
  • Green and orange nail paints (I do not have the nail art bottles!)
  • Top coat.
  • Q-tip/ ear buds and nail paint remover.

Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1:

After cleaning up your nails, on your first finger nail, draw tilted vertical lines across the nail with small gaps. Do this again on your pinkie nail.

Step 2:

Now, on the middle finger nail, draw a semi circle on the tip of the nail. Fill the semi circle and then draw a small circle on top of it. Repeat this step again on the ring finger nail. In case you are wondering what these are, they are our cutie snow men!

Step 3:

Now, while snow men becomes freezing, with the red nail art bottle fill in the gaps on the first and pinkie finger nail.

Step 4:

Now, it is time to decorate snow men! First, draw a comforter on the verge of the semi circle and circle. Draw a “Y” but very carefully. You can do it with any color you want! Now, put two black dots on the circle to make two eyes. And then add a carrot nose with the orange nail paint (I did it with a bobby pin!). Finally draw a beanie cap on your snow men, otherwise they will die freezing!

Step 5: 

To make it Christmas-y and add bling to it, I filled up the gap around the snow men with a golden nail paint.

Step 6: 

Now, as we have already done red and white candy on two nail, I thought green and white swirly candy would look lovely! And, also you can notice, I have not done anything on my thumbnail yet, so now, very carefully draw a swirl with the white nail art bottle. Then when it dries, fill the gap with green nail paint.

Finally, cover the rest of the nail with the same golden nail paint.

Step 7:

While your nails are drying, clean up the edges of your nails and tidy up. Meanwhile, you can double coat any part, like I have done the first and pinkie finger nails.

Step 8: 

Lastly, apply your top coat liberally and you are done!!

Now, I did this yesterday when I was really bored and when I was finished I was so glad I already took the step by step pictures! I loved it, I think this is the most simplest of all 
and anyone can do this.
I know you are thinking why I am holding cotton! I liked to pretend it as snow! :P

I hope, you liked this nail art, and if you do please try it! Do share your thoughts on this, guys! Lots of love...


Thank you for visiting.... Have a great time!!

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