Monday, 30 December 2013

My Oriflame Haul & Giveaway Announcement:

Hello everyone!
Yes, my shopping never ends! As you can tell by the title, I am here with haul post that too from Oriflame. Did I ever tell you, how much I love this brand, probably I did! There are might be only few things from this brand that did not impress me, and I always keep coming back to them.

What I Bought:

  1. Oriflame Professional Foundation Brush.
  2. Oriflame EverLasting Foundation.
  3. Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree & Rosemary Purifying Tone Gel.
  4. More by Demi Deodorizing Body Spray.
  5. Pure Colour Lipsticks- Bright Red, Vintage Nude, Vintage Rose, Blush Pink.
  6. Pure Colour Intense Lipstick- Fabulous Fuchsia. 
  7. Oriflame Beauty Studi Artist Gel Eye Liner- Black.

I am a lipstick freak, and this Pure Colour range has so many lipsticks they always attract me. I already had 4 and bought 5 this time, seems like soon I will have all they shades available just in my cupboard!

I have a problematic skin with blemishes and read some good reviews about this Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree & Rosemary range, so I will try the face wash this time.
I already loved the More by Demi lipstick and thought let me try the body spray also. I am really excited to try all the things and soon I will also be reviewing them.

Recently, I loved my Lakme CC cream so much that I used it every single time, and it was really a high time that I buy a foundation and since Oriflame has a number of foundations range to choose from and I chose the EverLasting one. And, though I was saving my money for a stippling brush yet I needed one less expensive for now and hence the professional foundation brush.

And, no I am not mad to buy too many lipsticks and TWO gel eye liners. Actually, the later one is quite interesting as they both are not for me. 

Okay, okay enough with the suspense, I am GIVING it AWAY, so one lucky winner will get it for FREE plus I might add some surprise gift also! Giveaway details will be updated soon, so stay tuned sisters!

See you soon and lots of love...xoxo

Saturday, 28 December 2013

My Smokey Eyes Makeup Look: FOTDs

Hello Peeps! How are you all doing in this winter?

Today, I am here with a quick FOTD that I wanted to share with you guys. I generally do not go for a full smokey eyes look, as I do not have big eyes, and smokey eyes always make eyes bit smaller. But, that cannot stop me from trying smokey eyes, right? See the tutorial of smokey eyes.

The best and easiest trick to do smokey eyes is to apply loads and loads of kohl or gel eye liner. At least, that is my trick. Then, I smudge it with a smudger and apply a grey eye shadow to fill it. Why grey, because that will mix well with the get black kohl and balance it. If I use a black shadow, I will look like panda!

Mac Fastplay is my recent favorite neutral lipstick as it has pink undertone which goes well with smokey eyes. So, in spite of being subtle, it still leaves an impact.

This dress was given to me by my sister, and I love this dress to the core of my heart. Though I do not wear earrings a lot, but sometimes it is a crying need. I bought this earrings in a jewelry fair and it is also one of my favorite earrings.

I was a pink cheeks fan always, but recently, I am loving the cinnamon blush which does a nice job as contouring also. Also, a bit of highlighter and I am go to rock!

This is my lazy version of smokey eyes makeup look. I hope, you guys like it & do share your views. See you tomorrow!

Lots of love...

Friday, 27 December 2013

Florelle True Kohl Pencil Blue Review, Swatches & EOTDs:

How was your Christmas guys? Mine was really usual and boring for no particular reason! I am quite boring then! Okay, now I won't bore you guys!
So, today I am here to review a kohl pencil that I received in my Vellvette bag months back. Did you notice, Vellvette now has become FabBag, but the only problem is it's quality is not upgraded whatsoever! Oops!

Product Description: The true kohl pencils, made in Milan, are bestsellers across 35 countries in Europe and are from the house of the Swiss brand, Florelle. Made with very soft lead, the pencils do not get crushed even on rough use. We love its smooth application on the inner edge of the eyelid without any irritation. Use it everyday to define the shape of your eyes with precision.

Price & Quantity: Rs. 250 for 1.14 g.

Shades Available: Black, Green, Brown & Blue.

My Experience with Florelle True Kohl Pencil Blue:

Packaging: I actually love the blue and golden look, it gives a pretty appearance. But, the main hitch is that, it has no sharpener with it and also it could be better if it was a twist-open pen.

Texture: The lead is quite creamy yet not melting. The lead is quite firm to work on delicate areas of eyes which is a good thing, as it always gives desired result. One swipe is definitely not enough for a deep and intense line, but 2-3 swipes does the job decently. The precise shape of the pencil helps to create different looks like winged lines or cat eye or even just using as kohl.

Staying Power: Generally, color eye pencils or kohl are so creamy they tend to gets smudged after a certain point. But, I am quite impressed with its longivity. I have a special liking for retro look, and a winged line does it beautifully. Last time I wore it and it stayed absolutely smudge-free for 6-7 hours until I totally forgot about my makeup and rubbed my eyes like a little girl as I was feeling sleepy (I know, stupid me!). So, if you are conscious about it, it will give you fair result.

My Take: Blue eye pencil is always my favorite color eye pencil and I am really glad that Vellvette gave me this shade only! The finish of this pencil is matte yet it looks very smooth and gives a satin finish. The staying power is more than enough. The precise pencil helps to create different looks. And, I am totally in love with this thing ever since I used it!

The Good Points:
Beautiful royal blue shade.
Staying power is amazing.
Gives a matte but satin finish.
Easy to glide on.

The Not-so-Good Points:
No sharpener provided.
Not twist-up pen so, unnecessary wastage while sharpening.

My Rating: 4.8/5.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Importance of Head & Scalp Massage and Hand-held Scalp Massager Review:

Massage is always a relaxing routine, either it is for our body or head. Massaging is not new era thing, it is a traditional practice since decades. Head massage or even scalp massage are done to reduce headache, stress or any pain in that area. Nowadays, we experience massages in parlors and Spas.

The Importance of Head & Scalp Massage:

  • Massaging helps to relax the tissues and muscles.
  • It invigorates the blood flow which soothes the pain or ache.
  • Since, our head posses nerve endings, massaging the area solves and relaxes our whole body or whole nervous system.
  • Massaging scalp with or without oil also prevents any build-ups like dandruff or flaky skin.
  • A proper massage keeps nourishment to the hair follicles which results in healthy and faster growing hair.
  • Sometimes, through scalp massaging, hair-loss problem is also solved with ease.
  • It relaxes our body and leaves us with a stress-free mind and body after a good massaging in a peaceful environment.
Now, do you have to go to parlor or Spa every week to get a head & scalp massage?
If you can, fine. But, not necessarily!
You can do it yourself.

What is the proper way of massaging head & scalp?

  • You can do it with or without hair oil depending on your hair type (if you have oily scalp, avoid oil). You need to start massaging from the neck area. Be careful with your nails. And slowly with circular motion, massage your scalp gently to the front of your head.
  • Once, covered the whole scalp for about 15 minutes, now gently but firmly press your finger tips all over the scalp. If you are working with hair oil, this technique will help it absorb right in. Finally doing it for another 5 minutes, gently scratch the head (not with nails) once.
  • Then, take a short towel and dip it in hot water, rinse the excess water and wrap your head and hair with it. Relax for 10 minutes and take a shower.

The Hand-Held Head Massager:

Yes, in our super-fast world where we are being lazy each moment, there is a tool available for this purpose. The reason I do not prefer electric head massager is that they are not manual meaning you cannot control the movement or its type and also they are likely to tangle long hairs resulting in more hair-loss!
A tool with a handle and 10-12 open ended curved steel sticks (like bird's claws) are happens to be the head massager.

The technique to use it is quite simple, you need to hold it right above your head and press it down, then again up and down. The steel sticks or open ends has little rounded tips which makes it easier to do the job and also there is no way it would hurt or injure your scalp.

The great part is, it would not tangle you hair no matter how vigorously you massage with it. Also, you can concentrate on any part of your scalp, like if you want to massage the sides of your head, just place the massager and start moving it up and down.

It really does a great job to a certain extent, as one cannot possibly expect a real scalp massage experience with it. But it does relaxes the scalp muscle and helps in a good way. I love this one, as my hair is very fragile these days so, if I maggase my hair and scalp with fingertips, they tend to fall more. So, this hand-held massager is just perfect for me!

Where to buy it?

You can buy it from Ebay if you are more comfortable in shopping online. It costs Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 on Ebay. If you find it in shops in your area you might get them for cheaper as I got mine for Rs 20!!

So, please share your ideas and view in this topic.
Lots of love...

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

My Christmas Party Eye Makeup Looks & Tutorial:

Merry Christmas to you all!

Today I am back with another eye makeup tutorial! I know I am doing it little too often but what can I say, I am loving these experiments! Anyways, without wasting time, let us move on to the tutorial.

Step by Step Tutorial of My Christmas Party Eye Makeup Tutorial:

Firstly, I prepare my eye area with applying base makeup.
Then I apply Maybelline Collosal Kajal in the inner part of my upper lid to make my lashes appear bigger.
Now, I applied a semi-shimmery rose shade eye shadow just above the crease line in a wind-shield movement.
Then, I applied a shimmery chocolate shade eye shadow on the outer edge of the eye area.

I applied the same chocolate shade eye shadow, in the inner corner of my eyes also, leaving the middle portion of the upper lid blank.
Then, I applied a golden shimmery eye shadow right in the middle portion.
After blending the rose shade and also the chocolate shade a little bit, finally done with the shadow part.
I also applied a bit of rose shade in the lower lid also.

Then, I applied the Elle 18 Black Out Liner making it a bit cat eye. Also, I applied mascara and kohl to finish it off.

And, this was my Christmas Party Eye Makeup Look. Golden shades are always proper for party looks and with a touch of rose it makes a perfect combination for Christmas.

So, I hope you guys like this look, and please leave a comment letting me know your views and suggestions.

Have an awesome Christmas everyone! Ho ho ho...

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Easy Christmas Nail Art Tutorial: #2

Finally, Christmas is around the corner, and everyone is busy for last moment shopping for decorations or party or even gifts! Yes, I too feel really excited for Christmas, and yet to write my letter to Santa! Anyways, today I am back with another DIY nail art idea, and here it is!

Things you will need:

  • White nail art bottle.
  • Red nail art bottle.
  • Black nail art bottle.
  • Pink nail art bottle.
  • Green nail art bottle.
  • Golden nail art bottle.
  • Top coat nail paint.
  • Remover and Q-tips.

(You can also use regular nail paints if you have nail art tools or dotting tools)

Step by Step Christmas Nail art Tutorial:

  1. Firstly, clean you nails and start with the easy parts. I have done, two Santa caps on two nails, one Christmas tree on one nail and Santa Claus's face in one nail and on the thumbnail, I have done.

  1. To make Santa caps, draw a triangle with the red nail bottle right on the nail with the pointy parts towards the roots. Give it 2 minutes to dry and the with white nail art bottle, draw a big ball on the pointy tip and just a fluffy line around the end. Leave it to dry. Make layers of this fluffy line several times to make it more cute. (You can do this on four nails also if you want.)

  1. Now, with the green nail art bottle, again draw a triangle, this time make it really edgy. Now, on the pointy tip, draw a big ball with the golden nail art. And draw little stars or just dots inside the triangle once it is dry.

  1. Next, for Santa, cover the 10% of your nail with the red nail paint from its root. Then again draw a fluffy line around the verge. Now, draw two big dots right below the fluffy line for eyes and one pink dot for nose. Finally, draw the beard, with the white nail art bottle, fill the edge of the nail and with the same fluffy technique, connect the sides of the two nails (see picture).

  1. Without a candy, Christmas nail art is incomplete, so for the thumbnail, first put a green dot right in the middle. Then, draw semi-circle lines all across the nail leaving spaces in between. Now, fill up the gaps with the white nail art bottle.

  1. Finally apply the top coats and you are done.

You can add some glitter to make it look more Christmas-y.

So, I hope you guys like this nail art and please share your views and suggestions below and let me know how are planning your Christmas!
Stay happy everyone! Lots of love...

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Subtle Makeup Look For Fall/ Winter:

Winter is here, and no denial is working actually. Jackets and sweaters are again scattered here and there, mostly after thinking my brains out about which one to wear today! Anyways, who am I kidding? I love sweaters and jackets, and scarves also! Anyways, after doing a popping eye makeup tutorial, I thought a subtle makeup look is also quite in out hit list always, so why not!

Well, actually this is not an pictorial as I did not plan to put it as tutorial. So, I have the pictures and I can, trust me, I can recall the products and how!

Okay, so I am not a subtle makeup kind of person, I am exactly the contrary to it. I always prefer bold and popping lips or eyes and also dramatic, in always king size! But, even I cannot deny the fact that some situations really calls for something subtle, and here is my attempt for it. Please bear with me friends!

For Face:

Due to my skin sensitivity, I always go for CC or BB creams as they have moisturizer in it (or as they say!). Here I have used Lakme CC Cream Bronze and to top it, I have used a translucent powder.
For cheeks I have used a bronzer i.e. Inglot Freedom System Blush #30 just below the apples and to highlight, I have used Elizabeth Arden Bronzing Duo Powder.

For Eyes:

I wanted to go for a Fall-themed eye makeup, so, I chose a deep brown shade from Inglot and to just a touch of a deep rose shade, also from Inglot. And finally I used mascara and kohl.

I have used the deep rose shade below the area of the line in the above picture. And above the line, there is the deep brown eye shadow.

For Lips:

I have used Mac Amplified Lipstick- Fastplay.

So, that is it for my makeup, a black winter top and off white jeans, good to go for a casual outing!

I hope, you guys like this attempt, and please share your thoughts even if hate it! :P

See you soon, lots of love!

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