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Top 10 Winter Care Tips:

Winter has come, and unlike the other seasons in this season, our skin and hair require concentrated care. We all moisturize our skin but not only that is all, there are a few more things that you can do to take extra care for your skin and hair. In this article I will share my top 10 Winter Care tips with you all.

1. Deep Moisturising: Moisturization is a must practice in winter to get a healthy skin. Sometimes, we opt for cold creams as they are meant to be perfect for winter. We should always use those moisturizers or creams that are suitable for our skin type, like for oily skin try moisturizers with fruit extracts or light moisturizers and for normal skin go for Vitamin E based moisturizers, for dry skin shea butter or oil based moisturizers are best.

2. No Hot Bath: I know in chilled weather, we all crave for a nice hot bath. But the hot water drains out all the skin moisture and thus makes the skin very stretchy and dry. So, instead of hot bath, go for warm bath i.e. only a bit warm than normal room temperature. This way you will get your relaxed bath and also it will not harm your skin.

3. Go for Body Oils: I personally love body butters and body lotions, but having dry skin, my winter days forces me to use body oils. Body oils provide extra moisture and health to the skin, it also helps to keep the skin nourished for longer time. If you do not like body oils, try aromatic body oils or mix it with essential oils to get concentrated cure.

4. Keep Blow Driers Away: Yes, blow drier is enemy of your hair in winter! The hot air dries up the hair and  sucks all the moisture out of it, it also causes flaky scalp. So, ditch your drier right away and dry your hair naturally!

5. Pampered Feet: Not all suffer from cracked heels, but in winters feet and heels become real dry and lose its softness. You need to keep moisturizing your feet two times a day, after bath and before bedtime. And both the time after applying foot cream or moisturizer slide your feet into cotton socks. Socks are the best way to lock the moisture in your feet and if you follow this every day, your feet will be soft and smooth all winter!

6. Water, Water Everywhere: Drink a lot of water, really, a lot of!! The more water intake, the more healthier skin. When you wake up in the morning, before brushing or after brushing drink a big glass of plain water (not warm), this will detoxify the body and help to wash out any bad thing in your body. Doing this everyday, will definitely make some changes.

7. Lip Love: Your lips need love in Winter, not your saliva! I mean many of us lick our lips when it feel dry, you need to stop doing that as it makes your lips more dry and pigmented! So, do not lick your lips, always keep your lip butters and lip balms handy. 
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8. Caring for Hands: Wear gloves whenever going out, and if possible indoors too. Wearing gloves will help you not to do works with water which is the first step of caring. Always, use hand creams and each time you are done with work, apply cream and massage your hands. Those who have dry skin often suffer from flaky palms in winter and the main reason for this is too much contact with water.
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9. Eye See You: Eye are the most delicate part of our body, they need special care. If you have problems life wrinkles or fine line use a concentrated eye cream. And if you don't have any problems, use Vitamin E based cream or Vitamin E oil on the eye area before going to bed. The cold weather and chilled air can cause damage, drying or dark circles around eyes.

10. Special Intimate Care: Lastly but definitely not the least, take special care of your intimates. Wash the area with a pH balanced wash and moisturize daily to keep the area clean and safe from unwanted build-ups.
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So, I hope this article will help you to take care of your skin and hair this winter. Please share your views below and Happy Winter!!! :D

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