Monday, 11 November 2013

November 2013 Oriflame Offers, Discounts & New Launches:

I was introduced to Oriflame when I was a child and after a few years, I felt the same love and longings for this international brand; and ever since I am using many of its products religiously. And then when I was asked to be a member of this network, I felt really happy and enthusiastic and here I am, an brand new consultant of Oriflame!

So, I will updating all you guys for all the new offers & discounts and new launches every months. November's Issue has many new launches like- Discover Hawaii range for body care, lovely mini Pure Color Nail Polishes, etc. So, let us see what new launches has offered us Oriflame:

1) Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Cream Blush- 20 ml for INR 399 (Original Price INR 549)
Available in three shades- Soft Peach, Pink Glow & Sheer Berry.

2) Pure Color Nail Polish Mini- 6 ml for INR 99 (Original Price INR 129)
Available in 12 shades!

3) Nature Secrets Body Spray- 150 ml for INR 179 (Original Price INR 199)
Available in three variants- Nettle & Lemon, Rosemary & Blackcurrant, Lavender & Fig.

4) Discover Hawaii body care range-
Discover Hawaii Aloha Shower gel 250 ml for INR 225 (Original Price INR 299)
Discover Hawaii Aloha Body Scrub 220 ml for INR 285 (Original Price INR 379)
Discover Hawaii Aloha Soap Bar 100 g for INR 79 (Original Price INR 89)

5) Feminelle Refreshing Intimate Wash 300 ml for INR 299 (Original Price INR 379)
Feminelle Soothing Intimate Wash 300 ml for INR 299 (Original Price INR 379)

6) Time Revitalizing SkinGenist Multi-Cleanser 150 ml for INR 829 (Original Price INR 1099)

Here are some products that are in my wishlist:

That lovely Lip Brush is a must have & the Lipstick also!
I have recently used and raved about the eyeshadow! Now it is time to try the kohl and liner!
The lovely lip shades are attracting more than ever!
Indeed a Winter must have!
It is in my wishlist for a long time!
Primer is on so much discount!!
OMG! So lovely shades! I want all!
Especially the red and pink ones!
There lipsticks are awesome pigmented and I might stock a few more!
I could not help but share this! This smells superbly sexy! :P
Honestly, I have a really long wishlist and no one can stop me from buying those things! :P
Don't worry I will definitely do haul posts if I get them!

Note: If you want to buy these products or any Oriflame Products at more DISCOUNTED PRICE & with FREE SHIPPING (anywhere in India) right at your doorstep, email me-


  1. Smart stuff, I look forward to reading more. lipsticks to politicks

  2. wow....this sounds so cool! i am preparing my list too!

    1. Do let me know Garima if you need anything... :)


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