Sunday, 10 November 2013

Collective Drugstore Haul: November Haul

I went to shopping today and it cannot happen that I will come home only with my targeted products in my bag. I always buy something that I had no intention to buy or something I really wanted to try out. This time I am back with some good and some stupid products.

So, ever since Maybelline launched their new and improved collosal kajal, I was really excited to try but whenever I wanted to buy it online or in stores, it was out of stock. Finally I got it and my previous Collosal kajal is going to finish up really soon, so I am really excited to try this one out!

Elle 18 Glow Foundation actually failed to amuse me, but in spite of that I bought Elle 18 Glow Compact, I don't know, I think everything deserves a chance, right?

Then, I have like tons of body butters and body lotions, still I bought this Nivea body lotion which I will be trying for the first time. I have been a Nivea body lotion fan since childhood, they never disappoint me.

Trust me, I don't have a bad breath! But, I do not use mouth wash at regular basis, so I thought I will start from now. So I bought this Colgate Plax!

Then in a small shop I saw some really funky and punk-styled accessories, and I could not stop myself from buying some stuffs from there also!
I loved this color cuff bracelets, they are so cute and colorful, I wanted to buy more colors but then I resisted... Also, these cute rings fancied me, little touch of animal prints on them, or maybe something else, I don't know, they are just really cute!

In my defense, I would like to say, yes, I am stupid when I am buying not-targeted, and I am a shopaholic! Yes, yes I admit! :P


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